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Why Print Out Bertucci’s Applications?

Responsible, friendly workers fit right in at Italian restaurant chain Bertucci’s. Job hopefuls can show these qualities and give their applications a personal touch by turning in paper forms by hand to a manager. Applicants who talk to managers in person get to show that they are pleasant, prepared, and professional. This proves that they can relate well to customers, which stands out in managers’ memories when it’s time to hire.

Completing the Bertucci’s PDF Application

Bertucci’s four-page application asks general questions about candidates and their interests to make sure they are a good fit for the company. Remember to use a pen, write clearly, and answer as completely and honestly as possible.

Personal Information
Begin the first page by printing name and date in the upper left corner. Then, candidates should circle the positions they are applying for. If they are unsure which job they want, job seekers can check page four for each position’s duties. Next, fill out the contact information and check Yes or No to indicate past Bertucci’s employment and legal work status. Mark the full-time or part-time box and give the date that work could begin.

Education & Work Experience
At the bottom of page one, fill in the chart about past schooling. Write down any high schools, colleges, or trade schools attended, their locations, and the courses of study. Applicants complete this section by writing whether they graduated, the number of years they finished, and their degrees or majors.

On page two, job hopefuls should discuss their three most recent employers or volunteer positions. List the employers’ names, contact information, supervisors, dates employed, wages, position duties, and reasons for leaving. If fired from a job, applicants should use the extra space to explain why. If not, they should write how much notice they gave before leaving. Finish off the page by explaining any periods of unemployment longer than one month.

References & Criminal Background Questions
Next, list at least four references along with their jobs, companies, relationships to the candidates, and phone numbers. Applicants should choose two people they know from work and two outside sources. Those with no past jobs can pick references from school or volunteering instead. Job seekers should choose people who can complement their work, personalities, and communication skills.

Finish the third page by circling day or night shifts that are not available for work on the chart. Then, answer Yes or No to the question about past convictions for crimes. If applicants answered Yes, there is space to add more detail. Finally, list other skills and experience with POS or restaurant computer systems. Job hopefuls should focus on only skills that are related to the job they want.

Job Duties & Arbitration Agreement
The fourth page lists the duties of each type of Bertucci’s employee, as well as rules that all workers should follow. Applicants should check Yes or No to show that they read the descriptions and can do these tasks. Finally, read the facts about applications in Massachusetts and the arbitration agreement. This section discusses how conflicts within the company are resolved. Those that agree to follow these rules can finish the form by signing and dating it.

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