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Committed to creating exceptional pizzas and pasta dishes, Bertucci's counts on cohesive teams of servers, hosts, cooks, and managers to provide authentic Italian dining experiences for each customer. The restaurant chain makes a point to hire workers who share the same commitment to excellence.

Facts About Working at Bertucci's

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Bertucci's?)

Available Positions: Host, Hostess, Server, Bartender, Carryout Server, Server Assistant, Delivery Driver, Pizza Maker, Bread Cook, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Bertucci's application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Bertucci’s Job Outlook

Founded in 1981, Bertucci’s boasts a long history of steady growth and continues to maintain a track record of success in the restaurant industry. The successfully established company oversees a chain of roughly 90 restaurants, which operate from New England to Virginia and constantly accept applications for employment. Each location retains a wide range of entry-level and managerial associates, which stimulates the frequent hiring of new workers when current employees receive promotions or leave to pursue other career opportunities. The jobs most commonly for hire include the hourly positions of server, host, cook, bartender, carryout attendant, delivery driver, and dishwasher.

Job seekers pursuing hourly, entry-level employment must apply in person at a local Bertucci’s restaurant. General qualifications for entry-level opportunities include a passion for freshly made Italian cuisine, an aptitude for customer service, and a commitment to making each guest feel welcome. More specific requirements tend to vary by position. Bartender jobs, for instance, impose an age minimum of 21, while delivery driver positions typically require a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, and a clean driving record. Farther up the career ladder, management positions feature additional stipulations requiring applicants to possess a stable job history with multiple years of experience in the restaurant industry.

Bertucci’s Positions and Salary Information

While most Bertucci’s jobs uphold a minimum hiring age of 18, the chain of Italian restaurants hires younger candidates with the proper certifications for certain positions. Employees receive either part-time or full-time hours, with preference typically given to individuals available to work a variety of daytime, evening, and weekend shifts. The list below provides further detail about some of the most popular and regularly offered job opportunities:


  • Responsible for creating hospitable dining experiences for customers, servers respond to the needs of guests by answering questions about the menu, taking food and drink orders, bringing the completed orders to the table, and following up attentively throughout the meal.
  • Server jobs also involve the suggestive selling of promotional menu items and therefore require workers to possess basic sales skills.
  • In addition to customer service and sales responsibilities, servers must carry out cash handling and housekeeping duties on a regular basis.
  • Physically, applicants need the ability to work on foot for the duration of an entire shift, which may last as long as nine hours.
  • Like other restaurant chains, Bertucci’s typically pays servers less than minimum wage and allows customer gratuities to supplement fixed hourly rates.


  • Cooks use a variety of kitchen tools and equipment to prepare meals for customers.
  • From measuring ingredients to ensuring the accurate temperatures of ovens and freezers, cooks assist with each step of the culinary process.
  • The entry-level kitchen workers also monitor stock levels to ensure the constant availability of ingredients and supplies.
  • Line cooks and prep cooks at Bertucci’s enjoy generous hourly pay rates, which usually fall between $10.00 and $12.00.


  • Ranging from shift supervisor up to general manager, the managerial job titles Bertucci’s offers each come with a particular set of responsibilities.
  • Shift supervisors primarily oversee the everyday work routines of entry-level associates, while general managers remain accountable for overall restaurant success.
  • Each location within the Italian restaurant chain also employs a hospitality manager to run the dining room and a culinary manager to supervise kitchen operations.
  • In addition to maintaining authority over a specific aspect of the restaurant, members of the management team each assist with driving sales, training and mentoring less experienced employees, addressing the concerns of customers, and maintaining high standards of service, cleanliness, and food quality.
  • Upper-level managers also interview and hire new associates.
  • Pay scales start around $12.00 or $13.00 an hour for shift supervisors and run as high as $65,000 or so per year for general managers.
  • Culinary and hospitality managers each earn annual salary options of roughly $50,000.

Tips For Applying

While aspiring managers may apply online for Bertucci’s jobs by emailing or uploading resumes, entry-level candidates must complete the application process in person. The application form asks for information regarding the academic background, work experience, references, schedule availability, and criminal history of the job seeker. Applicants should ready the necessary information prior to visiting the restaurant to fill out the form. The restaurant chain encourages job seekers to apply on weekdays between the hours of 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm specifically. For best results, candidates should aim to look as professional as possible when applying. Handing the completed form directly to the hiring manager and briefly expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity often makes a positive difference, as well.

Application Status

After waiting an appropriate amount of time for management to review potentially large quantities of applications, job seekers may want to call or visit the restaurant to check on the status of the position and express continued interest. Following up in person sometimes proves more effective, as applicants get another chance to demonstrate professionalism and initiative by dressing up and jogging the memory of the hiring manager. Regardless of the method, follow-up contact should occur sparingly to prevent job seekers from seeming desperate, pushy, or annoying.

Benefits of Working at Bertucci’s

Depending on certain eligibility requirements, Bertucci’s associates enjoy the perks of a complete employment benefits package. From medical and dental insurance to paid vacation and tuition assistance, the comprehensive package offers an ideal combination of health and financial benefits. Additional employee benefits often include:

  • Perks like direct deposit
  • Meal discounts, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Information on Bertucci’s

To enhance the dining experience, Bertucci’s enlists the freshest ingredients to make pizza dough and sauce from scratch each day. Grown in California exclusively for the chain of Italian restaurants, the tomatoes used in the sauce must meet certain company-mandated specifications prior to shipment. In addition to offering handcrafted dishes made from fresh ingredients, the restaurant chain maintains a vibrant dining environment. Each location houses a functional brick oven, which sits at the center of the open kitchen to enable customers to watch the pizzas cook. The ovens reach temperatures of 675 degrees and support the cooking of roasted vegetables and even lasagna, in addition to pizza.

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