Bertucci’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bertucci's

The Bertucci's hiring process often takes a single day to complete. Heavily reliant on walk-ins and employee referrals, the restaurant conducts a very streamlined hiring process, which pushes applicants through the necessary steps for employment in short order. Applicants typically fill out hiring forms online or turn in employment documents to the nearest location and then wait for contact to schedule job interviews. The chain regularly interview workers same day, with typical hiring sessions lasting no more than one round and featuring straightforward and casual one-one-one formats. Applicants meet with general managers during job interviews.

Will I Go Through Multiple Interviews?

Aspiring servers and managers represent the type of candidate who might need to go through multiple job interviews for employment consideration. The maximum number of screening sessions experienced during the Bertucci's hiring process may reach in upwards of two or three for management and serving candidates. Managers sometimes undergo phone interviews prior to face-to-face interviews; however, most candidates strictly attend in-person interviews.

Common Restaurant Interview Questions

Bertucci's managers like to inquire about availability and reasons for choosing the restaurant chain for work. Hiring managers often skirt around the idea of customer service during the interview process and opt to pose more personal and introspective questions to candidates. Examples include: "Why do you think you'll fit in with this company?" and "What goals do you have in life?" Applicants may also face inquiries into work history, preferred job settings, and general personality traits.

The Best Attitudes

Attending hiring personnel typically maintain friendly and personable demeanors during each interview session. Applicants should mirror the casual nature of the interviews and attempt to align with the laid-back dynamics of the restaurant chain in order to gain favor during the hiring process. Arrive early and wearing more formal attire. If possible, bring copies of a current resume and prepare to spend some time talking about career goals. Bertucci's interviews take place over the course of 10 to 20 minutes at times. Workers should remain on-point and articulate when responding to Bertucci's interview questions. Genuine attitudes displaying self-motivated aspirations benefit candidates best and prove the most advantageous among other conducts or behaviors.

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