Best Western Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Best Western

A majority of Best Western jobs only require applicants to sit through a brief, 1:1 interview with a hiring official. During Best Western interviews, job seekers spend roughly 20 to 40 minutes with an official representative discussing various aspects of the desired position. Entry-level workers like housekeepers and front desk clerks may only spend as much as a day in the Best Western hiring process before receiving a job offer. Other applicants, such as managers, may need to participate in multiple hiring sessions.

Background Checks and Other Considerations

In some cases, background checks and drug screenings prove necessary, although typically only for select career opportunities in management and the company corporate offices.


The ability to work long and extended schedules drives many of the interview questions posed to potential employees. Best Western hiring managers prefer applicants with the ability to work open schedules.

Customer Service

Due to many positions having direct involvement with guests on a regular basis, applicants must possess courteous and attentive personalities. Customer service skills also play some part in the final hiring decisions made by Best Western. Common Best Western interview questions include: "If a guest called and asked to have a room cleaned minutes before your shift ended, what would you do?", "Would others say that you're a hard worker?", and "Is it important to always tell the truth?"

Expectations for Dress

Best Western employees generally dress in formal attire, such as suits and ties or professional dresses, at all times. Candidates should base wardrobe selections worn to job interviews off of the dress code for current associates.

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