BI-LO Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at BI-LO

BI-LO sets high standards for quality and customer service. To provide great customer service, the grocery retailer hires passionate and driven team members in each store. Areas of employment in stores include customer care, management, and pharmacy services. The supermarket chain also hires new associates into distribution and corporate careers. For most high-level career areas, BI-LO utilizes a rigorous screening process in order to test if applicants meet company standards. During interviews, the supermarket looks for individuals that fit the company core values of talent, knowledge, skill, and steadfast dedication.

What to Expect During BI-LO Interviews

The BI-LO hiring process for entry-level store jobs, like bagger, cashier, and courtesy clerk positions, usually incorporates a single 1:1 interview with a hiring manager. Interviews generally take about 30 minutes and probe for personality traits. Areas often covered in the interview include availability, desire to work, and relevant grocery store job skills. Most applicants face a basic line of questioning that includes: "Why should BI-LO hire you?" and "What are your strengths?" Candidates may also need to answer behavioral queries, such as: "What do you do when a customer is upset?" and "What does guest service mean to you?" The interview may conclude with a skill assessment on a computer. Following interviews, applicants may need to take drug tests.

Additional Considerations

Management and specialty jobs with BI-LO, like baker, meat cutter, or cake decorator roles, require multiple rounds of interviewing. Interviews are generally held one-on-one with district managers or recruitment specialists. Some standard questions asked in an upper-level interview include: "Can you name one good thing and one bad thing about yourself?" and "Where do you plan to be in five years?" Candidates may also need to answer ethical questions like: "If an employee takes 50 cents, is discipline necessary?" Salary negotiations may come up at the end of each interview.

Courtesy, Honesty, and Persistence

BI-LO job hopefuls should be polite throughout each interview. Interview questions should receive truthful and positive consideration. Applicants should bring up previous work experience at every opportunity. Drawing relationships from past experiences to current job duties shows management a strong fit for the job. If candidates do not receive job offers directly after interviewing, applicants should contact a hiring manager in a few days and inquire about hiring status.


  • Tee says:

    I’m a senior @ Northeast High School and I’m looking for work. I’m friendly, I enjoy people and I’m also a team player. I turned in an application and I’m waiting for a manager to call me and schedule an interview.

  • jasmine says:

    Bi-Lo Company:
    I’m a junior at Southside High School I’m looking for a part-time job after school. I’m easy going, I am friendly, and i enjoy working with people.I have experience with retail work, i was in SHARE WIA program and i worked at TjMaxx and there I recieved an completion ceritificate. I would really like to be an employee at Bi-Lo on south pleasantburg because it would be more convient with driving distance after school.

    Thank you,

  • Victoria says:

    I’m sophomore at North Augusta High School, I’m looking for a job.
    I’m shy, friendly and easy to get along with. I’m FBLA ( Future Business Leader of American) member. I need a part time job after school, so I can earn monies to save for my future, and I appreciated my parent do all hard work to earn it for me.
    I want to work as cashier, stocker, or a bag girl. I hope I get an interview.

  • bilo emp. says:

    I work at the bi-lo. I happen to know that you have be very polite for the hiring manager to hire you.

  • Shannon says:

    Hello, Bi-lo is a great place to work for. I am a college senior and have worked here for a year. I am a cashier and now being trained as a Cake Decorator.

  • kristine says:

    I’m a previous bi-lo employee. Managers get moved around and fired often. There was a lot of variety for me, i was only ever bored on the uscan. Deli is dirty but busy. Drug test used to be a moth swab. Managers look for dependability and personality.

  • Rose Marie zehr says:

    When you do a drug test at Bilo do they take it out of your first check and how much does it cost?

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