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Bill Miller Bar-B-Q operates more than 65 locations across Texas and continues to grow every year. Always on the lookout for upbeat, highly motivated people, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q accepts applications year round. An ideal place to work, the barbecue restaurant puts forth extensive efforts to ensure individuals adjust to employment with the chain.

Facts About Working at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Bill Miller Bar B Q?)

Available Positions: Host, Server, Busser, Cook, Dishwasher, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Job Opportunities

The popular barbecue-to-go restaurant believes the key to success is providing total customer satisfaction with every transaction and achieves the goal through quality food, fast service, clean stores, and friendly associates. Team members serve as the most important factor because all other branches of service stem from quality help. Finding the right people remains top priority with the barbeque chain. In addition to possessing friendly personalities, crew members need to exhibit professional mindsets. The ability to take constructive criticism and adapt performance represents a top quality the chain looks for in employees. Associates with team mindsets and drive to assist coworkers whenever possible remain highly sought after. The barbecue chain also needs dependable workers who show regular attendance and arrive to shifts 10 to 15 minutes early. Potential team members must display clean, presentable appearances, as the company sets firm dress and hygiene standards.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q offers a range of positions across several distinct areas. The majority of positions with the company exist in restaurant services. Entry-level restaurant jobs include cashier, counter help, slicer, bus boy, and kitchen help. Management positions, including assistant manager, store manager, area manager, and director of operations, also stand readily available. Employees often begin store careers in part-time, hourly positions and take advantage of restaurant management training programs to gain upper-level positions. Food from the restaurant comes from a central production plant, and job hopefuls may find work in commissary operations, kitchen production, bakery operations, and warehouse management.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Positions and Salary Information

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q takes pride in hiring quality people and providing ample compensation. All staff members earn above minimum wage starting pay. In the first one to three months of work, associates usually receive raises. Workers showing interest in developing within the company receive pay increases as responsibilities grow. The following list includes descriptions and pay offered for common jobs within the restaurant:

Counter Help

  • Counter help provide fast, friendly service to customers.
  • When guests arrive, counter associates give warm greetings and take food orders.
  • Counter help then relay orders to kitchen production employees and assist in assembling plates.
  • Also in charge of store cleanliness, counter help sanitize surfaces and floors and keep the restaurant looking presentable.
  • Counter help usually earn about $10.00 an hour.


  • Cashiers work alongside counter help serving customers and completing guest transactions on POS systems.
  • The position requires workers to possess basic mathematics and register skills.
  • Cashiers also need to properly communicate with guests and coworkers alike.
  • The hourly pay for a cashier ranges between $9.00 and $12.00.


  • Managers oversee store operations and supervise staff.
  • Essential duties include coordinating assignments, responding to customer issues, and recruiting staff members.
  • Managers ensure stores follow company standards and polices while motivating staff to perform well.
  • The average manager enjoys annual salary options between $35,000 and $50,000.

Tips for Applying

The barbecue restaurant does not offer an online application process or printable application. Candidates must pick up application forms from each location personally. Individuals seeking jobs with the chain should go into the desired restaurant during less busy hours, usually between lunch and dinner, to pick up applications, which may give candidates opportunities to speak with management and indicate interest in desired positions. Filling out the application in the restaurant makes the applicant come across as hurried, so candidates should take the document home to fill it out carefully. When returning completed resumes, candidates want to talk to the same manager as before. In some cases, managers grant applicants on-the-spot interviews. Applicants want to prepare for the possibility by knowing a bit about the company. Candidates should strive to make good first impressions by dressing business-casual when picking up or dropping off applications.

Application Status

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q only hires dedicated workers. Instead of waiting to hear back from the company, applicants should show desire to work for the restaurant. A few days after submitting an application, job seekers should call the location or show up in person to inquire about application status. Applicants should ask when managers make hiring decisions and communicate desires to join the team. Hiring managers often favor interviewing individuals with the motivation to follow up on the application.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Employee Benefits

Position, experience, and duration with the company dictate benefits offered. Typically managers earn the bulk of available work benefits; however, entry-level workers may access lucrative perks as well. Qualified associates earn health benefits, such as optional medical, dental, and vision benefits along with flexible medical spending. Workers may also receive life and disability insurance. To keep crew members on the right path financially, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q offers 401(k) retirement plans with company match. Employees attending college may access tuition reimbursements.

Other Information About Bill Miller Bar-B-Q

Originally a fried chicken restaurant, the chain now serves barbecue classics like beef brisket, sausage links, and spare ribs and an assortment of traditional sides. Equipped to handle large catering orders, the restaurant often provides meals for as many as 10,000 people. Founder Bill Miller even designed the industrial-sized barbecue pits the restaurant uses to meet massive order demands. The chain prepares and cooks all meats in brick barbecue pits over oak wood in a central commissary that supplies each restaurant. The barbecue chain also operates a central bakery, which runs 24 hours a day creating signature meringue, fruit, and pecan pies as well as breads, fudge brownies, and clobbers for the restaurants to serve. To ensure food freshness, the chain maintains restaurant locations in close proximity to the central commissary. Restaurants operate in the San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Austin areas. Headquarters for the company reside in San Antonio, TX.

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