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When online shopping first gained popularity, many people worried how it would affect the job market. Would online ordering replace cashiers? Would computers take over customer service? Instead of reducing jobs, e-commerce opened the floodgates for new positions.

Grocery chains with online shopping apps hire plenty of employees to fill these online orders. Kroger ClickList associates gather and scan items, pack bags, load cars, and do home deliveries.

What Exactly Is Kroger ClickList?

Busy work schedules, house chores, and childcare take up most of our free time. And with so much going on, it’s tough to find time to pick up groceries. This is why parents and busy shoppers take advantage of Kroger’s time-saving online service, ClickList.

From a computer or smartphone, customers may choose from thousands of in-store items and schedule pickup. Simply park in the area reserved for ClickList customers and call the store to confirm arrival. Within minutes, a Kroger ClickList worker loads the groceries into your car. Home delivery is even an option in some areas.

How Do You Get a ClickList Job?

After filling out an application form, the hiring process can take as little as three days. Read the list below to see if you have what it takes to make it as a ClickList employee:

  • Strong Attention to Detail – Passion for accuracy is key, as ClickList attendants scan and bag products to fill orders. For picky kids or choosy adults, getting the right brand and flavor matters.
  • Enjoys Fast-Paced Work – If you like scavenger hunts and being on-the-go, you will thrive in this job. Workers spend about 30 seconds gathering each item, so you might have to play beat-the-clock.
  • Friendly Attitude – As the point of contact for many customers, Kroger ClickList employees need to be polite. A positive attitude improves communication, another crucial skill for the job.
  • Basic Skills – Strong candidates can do basic math and are skilled with smartphones. Workers can also expect to walk and stand for long periods in order to pick up groceries.

Pay and Prospects

Kroger ClickList jobs are great part-time or full-time positions. Entry-level workers earn hourly wages, between $8.00 and $10.00. You’ll also get a chance to prove yourself, as the company rewards a strong work ethic with pay raises and promotions.

Benefits of Kroger ClickList Jobs

Some perks include great discounts on food. To stay fit and healthy, you can also join the company wellness program.

ClickList jobs offer healthcare coverage that includes dental, vision, and life insurance. Medical insurance and 401(k) plans are available, as well.

Is a ClickList Job Right for Me?

E-commerce is here to stay

Online stores have changed the way we shop. So let’s face it, e-commerce is here to stay. New things always come with growing pains, but the best way to ride this new wave of online shopping jobs is to go with the flow and try one out. The skills you’ll learn along the way can only help in the long run.


There’s plenty to love about e-commerce opportunities. For instance, 24-hour e-commerce positions offer flexible schedules for our busy lives. Kroger ClickList workers can now take evening or overnight shifts to fit their lifestyles.

Entry-level skills

Clicklist jobs are also open to anyone because they require little experience. If you’re looking for entry-level employment in an emerging field with plenty of growth potential, a ClickList career might be the perfect fit.

Demand for ClickList workers is sure to rise as Kroger adds the service to even more locations. Check in with your local store to find available positions.

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