Delaware Student Loan Debt & Job Outlook

Mounting Debt
One of the major concerns for new workers in Delaware continues to be student loan debt. With each passing year, students face the unenviable idea of borrowing more money just to complete their education. After graduation, each new prospective worker needs to not only find a job, but find a way to balance cost of living, basic expenditures, and eventually paying back that debt.

Paying Off Debt Depends on Landing a Job
In order to make those challenges easier, offers graduating seniors a place to find local occupations that pay the best salaries. Finding a good-paying job helps Delaware students start to pay down the thousands of dollars of debt accumulated while getting that ever-important college degree. In particular, new workers in the hospitality, healthcare, and marketing fields will continue to find work, but at varying pay rates.

National & Statewide Concern
Don’t think student loan debt will be a problem for you? Studies done as recently as 2014 show that seniors who graduate from public and nonprofit schools average nearly $30,000 in debt. According to, Delaware ranks in the top 15 in terms of best states to make a living. At the same time, the average debt for graduates in the state more than doubled in a 10-year span and continues to grow.

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