Entry Level Resume

How to Create a Resume for an Entry-Level Job

In addition to having a good cover letter, job applicants should maintain polished resumes to present to potential employers. Compiling your best personal and professional attributes can be tricky, though, especially if you don’t have much work history. Check out the following instructions for tips on how to put together an effective entry-level resume.

Contact Information

Your contact information should always appear in the header. Include your name, address, phone number, and email in an appropriately sized and legible font. Only list methods of contact that you regularly check. Use your proper name rather than nicknames, and make sure that your email address is business-appropriate.

Contact Information Example:

Sarah Miller

789 Name St. NW, New York, NY 98754
[email protected]
(555) 654-0987

Qualifications Summary

Next on your entry-level resume should be a summary of qualifications. Write a brief paragraph about your professional abilities and consider including a bulleted list of skills related to the industry. You can do this by adding relevant keywords and highlighting experience in similar positions.

If you don’t have previous job experience or formal training, cite volunteer work, club affiliations, and school organizations. Companies that rely on entry-level workers, such as retail, fast food, and service jobs, understand that applicants may not have much experience. Instead, hiring managers look to extracurricular activities and accomplishments when reviewing these resumes.

Qualifications Summary Example:

Qualifications Summary

I am a quick learner and a hard worker with experience in the food industry and working in a fast-paced environment. My ability to serve customers promptly, keep them satisfied, and fulfill orders with speed and accuracy is top-notch.


Provide information regarding your most recent education only. Therefore, college students or graduates should not include the contact info for their high school. List the institution’s name, location (city and state), relevant areas of study, and the month and year of your graduation. Those still attending school should indicate the expected graduation date.

If you haven’t attended college, you should list your high school’s information. For those who have a GED, document it as a “General Educational Development Diploma.” If you’re still in school or earning certification, add a note stating, “In Progress” or “Currently Enrolled.” Regardless of other education, you should always include relevant trade school or vocational training.

Education Example:


Roosevelt High School – May 2018

Work Experience

Your work experience gives employers an idea of your professional past and knowledge base. If you have no experience, include volunteer work, education, or internships. Always list your past jobs in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent positions first. Include the company name, dates employed, your title, and a brief description of your duties.

When writing about past job experience, be brief and clear. Hiring managers will likely skim your resume, so it’s best to highlight your contributions and skills concisely. If you’ve held several roles in the past, only list the four most recent ones. Alternatively, you can include the job titles most relevant to the position. Just try to avoid leaving gaps in employment if possible.

Work Experience Example:

Work Experience


September 2018 – Present

Crew Member – New York, NY

  • Greeting customers at the front counter, taking their orders, and handling transactions
  • Maintaining a clean kitchen and dining area in between busy periods
  • Helping fulfill simple orders that do not require cooking
  • Tracking the flow of orders and making sure all customers have all items
  • Packaging online orders and delivering curbside pickup


Finally, job candidates may want to close their entry-level resumes with a list of references. As you compile your job references, try to consider professional connections. These people are usually past supervisors, coworkers, teachers, advisors, or anyone who has first-hand knowledge of how you behave in a work setting.

You’ll need to include basic contact information for your references, including names, titles, how you know them, and their phone numbers or emails. Always ask the individual before you list them as a reference to make sure they’re comfortable sharing their info and that they’re likely to say positive things about you if a manager calls.

References Example:


Jane Doe

Manager at Wendy’s in New York, NY

(555) 543-6543

Example Entry-Level Resume

Whether you apply for an entry-level holiday job or as a sales associate at your local auto parts store, having a tailored resume shows employers that you take your career seriously. It also serves as a helpful reference and a sign of preparedness when you bring copies to the interview. To get you started with crafting your entry-level resume, here is an example:

Entry-Level Office Resume – Customer Service Job in Telecommunications

John Smith

123 Main St, Anytown, CA 12345
[email protected]
(123) 456-7890

Qualifications Summary

I am seeking a customer service position where I can utilize my communication and organizational skills. My background in computer technology proves helpful in my strong ability to assist others with their issues.


University of California Tech, Anytown, CA

Associates Degree in Computer Science, June 2019

Work Experience

Best Buy

August 2017 – Present

Cashier – Anytown, CA

  • Provide quality customer service with a smile
  • Operate a cash register with minimal mistakes
  • Direct customers to appropriate areas of the store


September 2014 – June 2017

Team Member – Anytown, CA

  • Took orders at the drive-thru
  • Handled money and made change for cash transactions
  • Kept a clean, orderly environment


Tom Wells

Head Cashier at Best Buy, Anytown, CA

(654) 987 – 4321

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