High Paying Jobs Requiring Little to No Work Experience

Jobs in the Current Economy

In recent years, unemployment has improved. While there are more positions available, it may seem like a lot of them are for college graduates or those who have already spent time working. However, companies regularly post dozens of high paying jobs with no experience required.

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Options for People Without College Degrees

Those new to the working world have choices beyond retail or serving food. As it turns out, high paying jobs without a degree or experience are available in many different fields. Hopefuls can often find opportunities in banking, energy distribution, and insurance.

Administrative Services Managers

Coordinating people, projects, and supplies are the duties of an administrative services manager. Places like Washington D.C., New Jersey, and western states such as Idaho have a need for these workers. With 7% anticipated growth over the next ten years, many more openings should become available.

Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Operators

The role of nuclear reactor operators includes monitoring controls, making adjustments, and moving control rods. As the country begins to rely more on this form of power, plant workers are in greater demand. Similar positions in this field include:

  • Power distributors and dispatchers/li>
  • Power plant operators
  • Gas plant operators

Elevator Installers & Repairers

In order for elevators and escalators to run properly, they need proper maintenance. Elevator repairers and installers handle both tasks, putting in new lifts when required and caring for existing mechanisms. Numerous tall buildings and airports make Nevada, New York, and Maryland prime locations for these jobs.

Loan Officers

In the banking industry, loan officers coordinate mortgage, automobile, and commercial lending operations. Employees can earn around $67K per year but must get a special license to fill out loan applications.

Postmaster and Mail Superintendents

At the U.S. Postal Service, responsibility for managing staff and mail delivery falls to postmasters and superintendents. A college degree is not necessary, but potential hires do need to pass the civil service exam.

Purchasing Agents

Products and services are a necessary part of doing business for many companies. Purchasing agents take care of ordering inventory and arranging for expert help when needed. New York, Virginia, and other Mid-Atlantic states currently need workers in this field.

Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators

Insurance is another growing occupation. Auto, home, and life insurance providers need adjusters, investigators, and examiners to process claims. Another related job is auto damage appraisal. These workers play a crucial role in evaluating costs for repairs and vehicle values.

Electrical Powerline Installers and Repairers

Line repairers and installers handle standard powerlines and fiber-optic cables. This job involves fixing live electrical lines and working from various heights, like at the top of a light pole. Companies train employees to complete each task safely and effectively.

Overall Job Outlook

There are plenty of places to get high paying entry-level jobs with no experience. Many of these fields provide training for qualified candidates, although the length varies depending on the type of work. Ready to find a new career? Check out the infographic below or our blog for more ideas and tools to help in your search.

Occupation National Median Annual Wage Projected Job Openings 2010-2020 Estimated Current Employment Highest Paying States (High to Low) Highest Employment Concentration Level
Administrative Services Managers $86,720 99,800 249,600 NY, NJ, RI, DE, MA DC, MD, MA, ID, GA
Nuclear Power Reactor Operators $77,550 2,000 6,240 CA, NY, FL, NJ, TN NJ, NY, PA, CA, FL
Elevator Installers &Repairers $73,560 8,200 20,440 MA, CA, NV, CT, HI MD, NY, HI, NJ, NV
Power Distributers & Dispatchers $72,360 3,600 11,600 WA, NV, NY, ID, OR ID, LA, AK, WV, WY
Loan Officers $67,960 115,200 284,530 NY, MA, WA, CA, DC UT, ID, SD, AZ, NE
Power Plant Operator $64,420 14,400 39,980 CA, WA, HI, NV, DE AK, WY, ND, VT, AL
Postmaster & Mail Superintendents $62,080 4,800 24,410 FL, NJ, RI, MA, CT WV, VT, ND, SD, MT
Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail & Farm Products $61,280 91,200 274,540 DC, VA, NJ, MD, DE DC, VA, WA, MI, AL
Claims Adjusters, Examiners & Investigators $61,110 79,900 263,810 LA, DC, AK, NJ, CT ME, NE, CT, OK, MD
Gas Plant Operators $59,870 4,500 11,750 WI, AK, NY, ND, CA WY, LA, OK, CO, TX
Electrical Power-Line Installers & Repairers $59,450 52,700 105,570 CA, AK, OR, NJ, HI SD, AL, ND, MS, MT
Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage $59,080 2,700 10,950 AL, CT, TX, HI, NY AL, MA, SD, KS, GA

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