Industry Spotlight: How to Get a Steel-Working Job

What Are the Duties of Steelworkers?

As one of the steadiest industries in the U.S., steel working makes for an excellent career choice. Job seekers who want to know if the trade is right for them should be aware of these common tasks:

  • Reading and following blueprints
  • Welding building materials
  • Aligning and connecting beams, bolts, and wires to erect structures
  • Rehabilitating old or weakening buildings
  • Operating heavy machinery such as cranes

Steel working jobs require a good deal of strength and stamina. Employees may travel to different construction sites as well. Candidates need to be prepared to keep full-time schedules.

Furthermore, this work can involve great heights and dangerous machines. Thus, steel job hopefuls have to prioritize safety. Employers screen for substance abuse as a precaution.

How to Get a Job in the Steel Industry

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to start a steel working career. Those interested should also have strong math skills. Workers must learn more specialized abilities, like reading blueprints.

Most steelworkers go through an apprenticeship. Others receive on-the-job training. Apprenticeships span several years and hundreds of hours, focused on both technical and practical aspects of the job.

To find an appropriate program, prospective steelworkers can use contractor associations, apprenticeship sponsors, or unions.

Benefits of Joining a Union

The steel working industry has one of the largest, most well-established unions. Getting involved has numerous benefits. Steelworkers’ unions help people fight for:

  • Higher pay rates
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Pensions
  • Safer work conditions

Industry Outlook

Security is one of the greatest benefits of steel working jobs. Though there is an element of uncertainty with the economy, many expect this field to continue growing for years.

Large cities are always going to be the best places to get an entry-level steel job. Skyscraper construction and care keeps professionals busy. Some of the top states to find unionized steelworker jobs include Ohio, New York, and Texas.

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