Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Updated July 2020

young teenager working at a coffee shop

Jobs for 14-year-olds

Your professional career starts with your first job. While some states allow 14-year-olds to work, others don’t allow companies to hire employees under the age of 16. Most businesses have a minimum age of 16 as well, but there can be exceptions.

Where Can 14-year-olds Works?

Companies Hiring 14-Year-Olds

The fast food establishments, grocery stores, retail shops and entertainment venues below will consider motivated 14-year-olds who submit applications:

  • McDonalds – Some McDonalds locations hire 14-year-old crew members. If you are under 16 and apply, you will need a parent or gaurdian’s consent to work.
  • Safeway – 14-year-olds can land jobs at Safeway supermarkets.
  • Baskin-Robins – This ice cream chain hires crew members as young as 14.
  • Chick-Fil-A – Many Chick-Fil-A stores will consider hiring responsible 14-year-olds to join their team.
  • Six Flags – Some Six Flags Locations will hire applicants who are 14 to help guests navigate the park, operate game booths, work in retail positions and more.
  • Burger King – Some Burger King locations employ 14-year-olds as crew members to perform basic, non-hazardous restaurant duties.
  • AMC Movie Theaters – 14-year-old team members may work as ushers or cashiers selling tickets or snacks.
  • PublixCashier and bagging positions may be available to 14-year-olds at this grocery chain found in the southeastern United States.

These are only a few examples of jobs that hire 14-year-olds. Some individual franchise locations may accept people under 16. This usually depends on state laws and the rules of local school districts. To find out if a company hires at age 14, review the details of the posting or ask a manager.

Other Jobs for 14-year-olds

young teenager working in retail

When looking for jobs that hire 14-year-olds, recruits may want to think outside of the box. You could even start your own independent business doing things like babysitting, floral arranging, dog walking or lawn work.

Some small businesses in your area may also hire young teenagers. They might let a 14-year-old help them with everyday tasks that aren’t dangerous and don’t require any special skills. When you’re trying to find out where 14-year-olds can work in your area, be sure to inquire about positions like these:

  • Garden Assistant
  • House Cleaner
  • Crop Picker
  • young teenager working in garden center

  • Leaf Removal
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Tutor
  • Shoe Shiner
  • Hotel Bellhop
  • Farm Hand
  • Golf Caddy
  • Household Assistant
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Car wash attendant
  • Dishwasher or busboy
  • Lifegaurd or Swim Instructor

Online Jobs for 14-year-olds

Online jobs for tech-savvy 14-year-olds can include web development, design, and management. While this usually involves formal education, free web tutorials can help give teenagers an early start.

Focused youngsters may also find work on the internet doing data entry or creative writing. Hobbies like blogging and YouTubing can become profitable once they attract large amounts of viewers and advertisers.

COVID-19 and Jobs for 14-Year-Olds

Due to school closings and financial need caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there may be more minors on the hunt for jobs. Luckily, many companies that hire young employees are essential businesses and have remained open through lockdowns. Grocery stores, restaurants and other retailers may even need more employees to meet the current demand.

However, you may be wondering what jobs you can get at 14 now that there are many extra health restrictions and regulations in place. Some businesses may be cautious when hiring because they want to ensure their workers will follow all the guidelines set by management and the state. Asserting that you are responsible and willing to follow all rules will be important when applying.

If you get a job during COVID-19, you should also be prepared to do regular symptom screenings and have your temperature taken at work. Additionally, most retailers and service providers require employees to wear a mask and other personal protective equipment during their shifts to protect themselves and others.

Requirements for Underage Employees

Many Jobs that hire at 14 ask young prospects to get a permit to work. However, not all states require them, so check with the Department of Labor office further information. These agencies certify the applicant’s age and verify that the positions adhere to the laws. Some school districts also require students to earn acceptable grades and prove that they reliably attend class too.

After receiving permission, there are many guidelines young employees and their employers must follow. On weekdays, 14-year-olds can only work a maximum of three hours, and their shift must end by 7:00 pm. Only on non-school days can the clock in for up to eight hours.

Employees who are 14 can work up to 18 hours during a school week. Days can begin no earlier than 7:00 am unless otherwise allowed by state-sponsored work-study curriculum.

What Restrictions Are There for 14-Year-Olds?

According to child labor laws, those under the age of 18 cannot work in hazardous settings that involve mining, excavation, and power-driven tools.

There are additional limitations specific for 14-year-olds. No matter the job, fourteen-year-olds cannot work with ladders, explosives, or radioactive materials. There may also be special procedures for young people employed by farms or kitchens. These young adults also cannot hold jobs in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Loading or unloading trucks
  • Janitorial or window washing
  • Baking
  • Public Utilities
  • Roofing
  • Trucking
  • Logging
  • Excavating

How to Apply for Jobs that Hire at 14

Fill Out an Application

Once a teen has explored jobs that hire at 14 and get a permit to work, the next step is turning in the application. For young adults, handing written forms to hiring managers is often the best way to apply to jobs.

Return It in Person

Submitting a physical application gives teens a chance to meet potential colleagues and helps them make a good impression. Supervisors want to see that a 14-year-old worker is ready to handle helping customers. Eye contact, a friendly attitude, and mature behavior will help managers see these qualities.

Finding Applications with

young teenager searching for jobs onlineAt, we offer many printable applications for entry-level roles with America’s top brands. Our goal is to make it easy for applicants to find jobs, begin building resumes early, and start learning skills for later in life.

Interview Tips for Companies Hiring 14 Year Olds

Check out these videos for some tips on being interviewed at companies that hire 14-year-olds.

McDonalds Grill Member Interview Video

Taco Bell Cashier Interview Video


  • jaqiya says:

    when your 14 with a workers permit , can you get a job at a fast food restaurant ?

    • Lanniyah says:

      Yes like Mcdonalds or try Chick-Fil-A

    • Jennifer says:

      Definitely try Burger King for ages 17 and lower

      • Anthony Gray says:

        I`m 14. How do I get a worker`s permit?

        • kelly says:

          You have to go to your school. That is what my friend did because we are both 14

          • Amellia says:

            what do you mean by go to your school? :l

        • wesley says:

          u have to go to your school’s main office or your school I chose the main office some employers will provide one as well. then u bring it to your employer they will write a job description and sign it(unless they provide one) then u bring it to the main office or ask your school to provide an email where u can send a pic to. i personly got one from work then emailed it.

        • am says:

          through your towns high school

        • liberty says:

          go to the school that you are currently in, go to the office and ask for a job permit!

        • Eric Robinson says:

          From what I understand you go to your school counselor and ask for it.

        • zarreea b says:

          ask your school

    • Laci says:

      im 14 how can i get a workers permit?

      • China B.💕 says:

        School provides them

    • No says:

      yes you just need a parent/guardians consent

  • Marilyn says:

    You can get a job at publix at age 14. You just need a workers permit.

    • Amber Thornton says:

      Hi I’m 14. I don’t have a workers permit. How do you get one?

      • Mikey Mendoza says:

        You have to talk to your school about it.

      • we rewsd says:

        Check ur states department of labor website

        • Emerald says:

          I’m 14. I want to get a job as a dishwasher but I’m out of school. Is there another way to get a workers permit?

          • noone says:

            from what ik you need to go to school to get the permit so go back to school and learn and ask for a workers permit

      • Stephen Conte says:

        you can get one from your school counselor

      • Jen says:

        Some states do not require a work permit like Florida.

      • Gianna says:

        You have to talk to your school’s secretary about that.

      • Cecilia Mulligan says:

        My school gave me a permit.

      • Melanie says:

        Hey! i’m also 14 i got mine at school. Try going to your guidance counselor and ask them for one they usually give it to you and they’ll tell you to have your parents sign and you might also need a doctors note saying that you’re eligible to work ! Good luck 🤩

        • Callie says:

          Hi I’m 14 and I’m not enrolled in in a school so I can’t get a workers permit is there another way? I’m in Michigan

      • Helpful Lady says:

        You can get one from your school.

  • M says:

    In Ohio, you do not get the work permit until you have an employer. There is a part of the application for the work permit that the employer fills out and then you turn all of your paperwork in to the school. They then take care of the rest. I was thinking that my son had to have a permit before he could get a job but I just found out this information today….the permit comes after you have a job. Again, that’s in Ohio 🙂

    • Ava says:

      Yea you just have to have someone willing to hire him

    • C says:

      Thanks for telling me this because I live in Ohio and i’m about to turn 14 and I want to get a job to help my family out.

  • Brooke Silva says:

    I’m going to be 14 and doing some research beforehand. In Hawaii are 14 yr olds allowed to work at clothing or retail jobs?

  • Kimmy Dee says:

    What jobs in Columbus Ohio can 14 year olds get ?

  • Olivia says:

    Hi im 14 and live in Illinois how do I get a workers permit?

    • Isabel Waugh says:

      To get a workers permit you can either go to your school and talk to them about it or go to your local court house

  • Yandel Gadea says:

    What if I live in Florida, how do I get a workers permit?

    • Jen says:

      Florida does not require a work permit.

  • Aubrey says:

    I’m trying to get a job at 14, but I need a permit and we aren’t at school. How do you suggest I get a permit?

    • Shanna says:

      You should email your school counselor.

    • Rael says:

      You can download a pdf for your states permit and email it to who ever needs to fill it out.

    • Adrian Gonzalez says:

      Try to email your school counselor

  • Jaw,im says:

    I live in Ohio and I’m bout 14 years of age, but it’s summer and I want a job. What do I do ?

  • Tahleatha says:

    If you’re 14 and want to get a job (say, at a fast food restaurant) do you need a permit in California to work or get employed? Also, what is a realistic pay check for 14 year olds working at places like Chick-Fil-A?

  • abbiegail says:

    If you don’t wanna work during school–like if you want to work after school–do you still need a work permit?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. You’re not allowed to work during school, and that applies to all states.

  • Olivia says:

    I’m 14 years old and I live in Ohio, it’s now summer and i wanna get job to keep me busy but also help me make money at the same time. I live in heath, Ohio so what kinda job would i be able to get?

    • chanel says:

      I live in Columbus ,Ohio . But you should be able to get a job at , Krogers , Chick-fil-a , AMC Theaters , six flags and etc .

  • Faith Knox says:

    Hey I was wondering if I’m out of school and we really didn’t have school counselor to email, how would I manage to get a permit? In Milwaukee Wisconsin specifically.

  • Emelia says:

    Can you get a job at a book store at 14?

  • Addyson says:

    What if I’m homeschooled? How would I get a workers permit?

  • Malea Berridge says:

    i’m 13 years old but turning 14 and i’m really excited to start the working process for some reason. i live in washington. any stores you think i can work at? and how do i get my work permit?

    • Shamariah says:

      Your school can give you an work permit

  • Shamariah says:

    Hey what jobs hire at 14 without a work permit? I can’t get one from school because of the covid 19

    • Anonymous says:

      None. You need a permit for it to be legal. If you email the school they can probably send you a PDF

    • K says:

      How do i ask a school for a workers permit?

  • Hunter says:

    What jobs pay good and no permit? Im almost 14 i really want to know

  • Gabriel Araiza says:

    I just turned 15 and know nothing about getting a job. What should I do? Where do I start?

  • emily says:

    Where can you get a job in North Carolina when you’re 14?

    • Xzavier says:

      I’m not in school right not Cause this pandemic. How do i get a permit?

  • Amere Jackson says:

    I live in South Carolina and I’m 14 do I need a worker’s permit?

  • Krista says:

    I’m 14 in California, I did some looking into it and it says I have to get the person hiring me to sign the request for a worker’s permit, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work because I don’t know if they’ll want to hire me if I don’t have a work permit yet.

  • It's ya boi says:

    Do you need a workers permit to work at AMC at age 14?

  • Thomas says:

    You also do not need a worker’s permit in Wyoming. I am 14 and I can just apply for a job that accepts 14yo 🙂

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