Jobs that Require No Experience

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Doug Crawford, Job

jobs that require no experience

Finding work can be a challenging task no matter your age. Factor in lack of experience, and the process becomes even more difficult. Many employers require high school diplomas, related job histories, and the ability to bark like a dog (not really, but you know what I’m getting at). It’s not easy. However, there are things young people can do in order to prepare themselves for that first job search that will produce greater results than others or simply not preparing at all.

Make a List

An important thing to remember when looking for your first job is that, odds are, you probably won’t land the first one you apply for. That’s not to say that you won’t, but you need to prepare yourself for the worst. If worse comes to worst, you need to take the rejection and ask yourself why you didn’t get the job and then learn from it, as you should in every experience. You won’t always get exactly what you want out of a career, and your first efforts in finding a part-time, entry-level job are much the same. Applying for a job is a job in itself. You need to work as hard in finding a job as you would for the job once you have it.

Find Five Jobs
The best thing to do starting out is to research job listings, such as the classified ads in the local newspaper and employment boards at community centers, and take note of who’s hiring in the community like fast food joints, retail stores, libraries, pools, schools, and other places that might have entry-level positions requiring no previous experience. Find at least five (5) jobs that pique your interest and start applying.

Think Ahead
In putting together your list of five jobs to apply for, you should also be thinking ahead to your future career. The reality is it’s never too early to start thinking about stuff like that. If you like helping or serving others, think of the jobs you can get now and how they might help lead to a similar role closer to what you’re after in the future. An entry-level serving job at a local restaurant could provide the experience you need to forge a career in customer service or public relations.

Look in the Right Places

So it’s no secret that without work experience your choices are a bit limited when it comes to landing a first job. No, that doesn’t mean every application you put in will be turned away immediately; a lot of places are looking for young up-and-comers to take on entry-level roles. In fact, many prefer them, but you have to know where to look. Local community centers often need inexperienced workers as young as 14 or 15 to serve as camp counselors or youth baseball, soccer, football, or basketball officials. Other, more traditional entry-level jobs that require no experience run the gamut from fast food team member to retail sales associate positions. Remember the old stereotype of getting a paper route? Well, as cliche as it might sound, it’s actually a pretty good option for young job seekers in many communities. Car washes are another great place to find entry-level work without experience. Ask around beginning with your own parents and perhaps even your friends and take advantage of classified ads, online job postings, and local hiring signs to broaden your search even more.

Places to Look:

Interview with Entry-Level Worker:

Prepare a Resume

Now, you might be thinking, “Why would I prepare a resume if I don’t have any work experience?” Well, regardless of whether or not you’ve joined the rat race yet, you still need to show potential employers you have the right attitude moving forward. Practicing building resumes at an early age gives you an advantage over other job seekers who A.) Might just show up and think they’ll get the job no matter what and B.) Represent competition that you might encounter on down the road. Getting the early practice in allows you to work on the many kinks and pratfalls associated with writing resumes, which we all run into, and helps you become more familiar with the process. Writing a resume for an entry-level job requiring no experience also shows how serious you’re taking the task of finding work, which can often translate into making great first and overall impressions with hiring personnel, if not actual job offers. And, besides, showing a little initiative never hurts, even for a job that requires no experience.

Realize You Already Have Experience

This may seem a little backwards given the theme of this post is how to get a job without experience, but what many young kids fail to realize is that they already have applicable experience. Think hard. Have you ever helped dad flip burgers in the backyard? How about helped out with the laundry around the house? Maybe you’ve been doing chores since you were five years old. Does that not count as experience? To some employers, maybe not, but being able to say that you can grill a burger without charring into a black rock or that you can hang a shirt on a hanger without creasing or wrinkling it should count for something. And it does, especially if you make mention of it during the interview process. It shows that even though you’ve never held a job before, you’re already thinking about how your skills apply to potential duties. People all the way up to the ranks of Bill Gates do that on a daily basis. It should also make you feel more confident. You’ve got to start somewhere, right? Why not start with what you know?

The Reality Is…
Job searching can sometimes be scary, especially when you’ve never worked before, but it doesn’t have to be. Take your time to organize the information you need to apply, put in the application, and see what happens. Worst case scenario: you get turned down. Best case scenario: you land your first job. That’s why doing a little research, applying for more than one position, writing a resume, and relating past experiences to the jobs you’re after remain pivotal and can aid young people exponentially. Taking these steps will put you far ahead of other kids who aren’t doing this, and realizing who your competition is and how you can get the advantage is extremely important in the working world.

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