Bloomingdale’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bloomingdale's

Bloomingdale's department stores feature upscale working environments. Based out of New York City, the major retail chain currently maintains more than 50 licensed locations. Entry-level jobs and advanced employment opportunities include sales associate, cashier, storeroom associate, beauty advisor, department supervisor, and store manager positions. By completing the online hiring requirements for employment consideration, job hopefuls may become eligible for interviews, which allow applicants to demonstrate skills and qualities necessary for employment.

Common Interview Formats

Stores predominantly administer a one-on-one interview process for entry-level positions. More advanced positions may involve several interviews or panel discussions with hiring officials. Interviews last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Hiring representatives ask many behavior-related questions as a way to uncover the personality of applicants. Additionally, Bloomingdale's may ask about availability, personal interests or hobbies, and general morals and work responsibility.

Preparing for Interview Questions

Bloomingdale's candidates should come to each interview with several prepared answers to general interview questions. Use the potential responses as reference points during the interview process. While applicants should think of answers in advance, improvisation may become necessary for many questions. In any case, answers should be clear and coherent at all times.

Show Interest and Follow Up

Spend less time making interview answers longer and more effort forming clear thoughts instead. As a way to show genuine interest in Bloomingdale's retail jobs, entrants should ask questions about company culture and possible responsibilities. After the interview, candidates may ask about contacting the department store regarding hiring statuses. Some positions may not allow applicants to contact hiring personnel after the final interview, especially if the field of candidates proves larger than expected. Individuals should wait at least a week or two before sending a formal letter or email, if allowed. Should an applicant be accepted for employment, set up a day to start working immediately. If currently employed, applicants request the adequate time needed to resign from a previous employer.


  • jessica says:

    what are the common questions asked on the interview and what education level is required

  • Jessica says:

    After I had my interview at Bloomingdale’s I realized they ask these really tricky questions to see if you will steal and be honest or not.

  • Michael says:

    what kind of technical question do they ask for VB and sql server

  • Coral says:

    do you need experince to apply there qn also what kind of level education do u neee

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