Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association serves over 106 million Americans, with healthcare coverage in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The association provides national leadership for 36 independent, community-based companies which employ thousands of workers.

Facts About Working at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Minimum Age to Work at Blue Cross Blue Shield: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Blue Cross Blue Shield?)

Blue Cross Blue Shield Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm; Closed Saturday and Sunday

Available Positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield: Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Accountant, Actuary, Auditor, Brand Marketing Associate, Business Development, Claims Processor, Clerical Worker, Computer/Information Systems-Business Analyst, Consultant, Data Processor, Facilities Manager, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Associate, Information Technology Specialist, Legal Assistant, Manager, Marketing Manager, Provider Relations, Quality Improvement Specialist, Sales Manager, Underwriter

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Job Opportunities

Associates at Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies represent the best healthcare professionals, administrators, and information systems specialists in the industry. The association offers workers interesting and fulfilling full-time and part-time jobs, which utilize diverse skillsets and work experiences. To achieve success, the healthcare insurance provider hires talented, dedicated associates to fill entry-level positions as well as career roles requiring extensive training and experience. Workers looking to make a difference in the lives of individuals within surrounding communities may find rewarding career opportunities in the medical insurance industry.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield holds a large national presence, with service contracts involving over 96 percent of hospitals in the country. Providing healthcare coverage to so many people requires skilled teams of employees dedicated to the health, happiness, and the safety of customers. In addition to jobs such as care management, administration, and medical care, the company hires technological experts to analyze data, program applications, and monitor the security of patient identities as well as medical records. Company culture encourages employees to benefit society in other ways as well, such as pursuing community involvement, supporting activities which spur personal growth, and through charitable giving.

Employment and Salary Options at Blue Cross and Blue Shield

The diverse teams of employees provide safe, high-quality, affordable healthcare coverage to millions across the nation. Job seekers interested in meaningful, interesting jobs providing medical insurance may apply online for the following positions:

Actuarial Assistant

  • Prospective workers holding bachelor’s degrees in actuarial science or mathematics make qualified actuarial assistants.
  • Employees work under the direct supervision of lead actuarial associates to participate in information analysis regarding client costs and report on healthcare service accounts.
  • Duties focus on implementing pricing, underwriting, statistics, and reservation systems.
  • The entry-level roles of actuarial assistants prepare candidates for careers in the actuarial sciences by providing hands-on experience and learning opportunities.
  • A full-time position, the job title requires each potential associate to successfully complete a Society of Actuaries examination, demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills, and possess proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Preferred candidates hold prior actuarial internship experience, proficiency with SAS and SQL, and successful completion on two or more SOA exams.
  • Salary packages start at $50,000 with room for growth.

Data Scientist

  • To provide the best service to customers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield hires skilled data scientists to analyze and quantify medical cost impacts, look for patterns within provider and member healthcare needs and behaviors, develop models using complex data to evaluate historical trends and forecast best practices, and assist in monitoring and evaluating clinical program effectiveness.
  • Dealing with vast amounts of consumer data in an intelligent manner proves vital to the success of the company.
  • Candidates must possess either bachelor’s degrees with four years of analytical experience, master’s degrees with two years analytical experience, or PhDs in data science, applied mathematics, computer science, or statistics.
  • Necessary skills include experience with medical and contracting algorithms, programming SAS and SQL code, proficiency in Excel, and previous experience working with big data.
  • The average salary stands at around $118,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Since the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association encompasses independent companies across America, candidates must apply for specific jobs on the websites of local member organizations. By completing applications online, individuals may store personal information as well as resumes and qualification summaries in order to apply more easily for other jobs within the company. Recruiters may also seek out and contact qualified individuals with resumes posted on third-party job search websites. The interview process moves quickly once hiring managers review applications and may consist of telephone and face-to-face reviews with multiple human resources managers.

Application Status

Depending on the position applied for, applicants may hear back from the company within a few days or a few weeks. Online applications remain on file for several months, so if no response comes right away, candidates may remain under consideration in the future pending job openings. To follow up on application statuses, prospective workers may place phone calls or emails to local Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Employee Benefits

Work benefits offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association member organizations may differ by location but most offer over 100 employment benefits, opportunities, and other on-the-job features. Common employee benefits packages include:

  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage with medical
  • Dental, and
  • Vision care as well as domestic partner coverage.

Associates also receive access to 100 percent employer-matched 401(k) retirement plans and financial education workshops. The insurance provider also gives paid time off for holidays, military leave, maternity benefit, half days, and paid vacation. Needful workers may access confidential employee assistance programs, as well.

More Details on Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Local Blue Cross and Blue Shield centers inspire associates to give back to the community by maintaining leading roles in Special Olympics events, hosting Red Cross blood drives, supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation by participating in Lee National Denim Day, sponsoring the Chase Corporate Challenge, and participating in the Letters to Santa program. The company also encourages workers to get active in local neighborhoods by rebuilding playgrounds, collecting supplies for needful families, and collaborating with schools to hold canned food drives.

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