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A German car manufacturer, BMW produces luxury cars recognized for quality and elegance worldwide. With productions increasing annually, entry-level and career job seekers consistently find well-paying roles with the global company in full-time, part-time, and seasonal capacities.

Facts About Working at BMW

Minimum Age to Work at BMW: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at BMW?)

BMW Hours of Operation: Mon and Thurs: 9:00am-8:00pm; Tues-Wed and Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm; Sat: 10:00am-5:00pm; Closed Sunday

Available Positions at BMW: Vehicle Sales Associate, Administrative/Clerical Worker, BMW Bank, Collections & Account Manager, Customer Care Representative, Customer Relations Manager, Engineer, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Associate, Information Technology Specialist, Insurance Agent, Legal Assistant, Logistics & Supply Chain Manager, Maintenance Worker, Marketing Director, Parts Distribution Manager, Procurement & Purchasing Manager, Production Manager, Quality Manager, Retail Service Manager, Risk/Auditor

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

BMW Car Dealership Job Opportunities

Myriad BMW job opportunities requiring diverse skills sets await applications from qualified candidates. More than 115,000 employees reportedly work for the famous automobile brand. The extensive workforce contributes to the annual production and sales of more than 2.1 million cars in addition to approximately 120,000 motorcycles. From corporate positions to production and sales-floor roles, job seekers may gain employment through varying displays of aptitude and knowledge of the industry. Workplace demands differ significantly from department to department. However, aspiring workers should demonstrate sound interpersonal skills along with motivated character traits and past work accomplishments in order to achieve job offers.

Existing employees receive priority for newly available positions, scheduling preferences, and greater benefits packages. New hires may work second or third shifts, weekends, and various holidays. Excellent attendance and attention to timeliness assists employees in rising to senior roles with the automotive company. Contributing positively to the company through hard work and dedication typically garners rewards for employees going beyond basic work requirements. Once established within a department, employees may begin to receive greater pay and job benefits packages as well as transfer opportunities offering relocation assistance around the world.

Positions and Salary Information for BMW

BMW workers must pass differing qualifications depending on specific job descriptions and department expectations. Generally, applicants must stand at least 18 years old for full hiring consideration. Although management positions often require college degrees or extensive experience, the following jobs require little-to-no experience, high school diplomas or equivalent accomplishments, and motivation to achieve realistic goals:

Sales Associate

  • Candidates seeking sales positions with the car manufacturer should possess elevated interpersonal skills, upbeat demeanors, and high motivation to excel at selling products.
  • Basic math and computer skills remain essential for aspiring sales associates, as figuring sales numbers and filing customer information continues repeatedly.
  • Workers dress professionally in order to begin good customer impressions at point of contact.
  • Walking customers through questions on car models, associates must internalize the detailed list of features available for each model and eventually maintain working knowledge of basic car functionality.
  • Largely working on commission bases, sales associate incomes vary depending on business, though on average new hires earn around $50,000 to $60,000 per year.
  • Bonuses remain available for associates performing exceptionally well.

Customer Service Advocate

  • A position centered on customer satisfaction, customer service advocates go beyond typical customer service representative duties.
  • Associates must work to avoid potential problems instead of attempting to resolve problems after occurrence.
  • Advocates work with large amounts of paperwork and handle phone calls regularly.
  • In addition, advocates must develop systems for solving and preventing problems, which entails in-depth research and understanding of business procedures conducted by BMW.
  • Income for customer service advocates generally stands around $30,000 annually.

Assembly Worker

  • Typical assembly worker duties carried out daily include physical labor activities.
  • Common procedures situate workers with few responsibilities on the line to ensure assembly goes as planned with minimal error.
  • While technical abilities usually offer candidates some preference over inexperienced workers, some roles exist which require only rudimentary technical knowledge.
  • As some positions require little technical expertise, the less technically intricate positions remain beneficial for inexperienced workers to gain crucial industry knowledge for growth into higher level roles within the company.
  • New-hires typical earn pay rates of around $15.00 to $16.00 per hour.

Tips For Applying

Candidates may apply via the BMW website. Before submitting personal information for jobs, applicants must create user profiles in order to keep track of jobs applied for and additional future vacancies. Applicants may save time when applying by gathering required materials before beginning the application process. Candidates may also save time by carefully reviewing job qualifications and only applying to roles corresponding to personal skills.

Application Status

Applications for employment go through recruiting processes, which often take up to a week before applicants hear back from hiring authorities. While the amount of time may vary, application-to-hire often takes no longer than a few weeks. Once official applications and resumes reach hiring officials, candidates should initiate contact if no word arrives from BMW within a few days. Contact hiring managers through email or telephone. Motivated applicants may also visit management in person to show initiative. Following up applications with some contact indicates individual determination to achieve employment.

Benefits of Working at BMW

Work benefits for BMW employees vary depending on positioning within the company.

  • A majority of associates receive healthcare packages, which include medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage.
  • Also popular with workers, paid time off offers deserving employees extended vacation days as well as sick and personal days.
  • Some workers enjoy paid holidays, as well.
  • Eligible individuals seeking assistance with saving for the future gain access to a generous 401(k) retirement plan, which supports a generous company-match policy.

The company also runs a vehicle program for employees, which allows access cars through assignment and lease programs.

Additional Details on BMW

Corporate giving totals surpassed $36 million within the 1996 to 2014 time period. In addition to sponsoring charity, the company sponsors sporting events and teams around the world. Among other sponsored events and teams includes the PGA championship, the Bundesliga soccer team Eintracht Frankfurt, and the 2012 London Olympic games. With a generous charitable history, the company forges ahead to contribute in environmental awareness by concentrating donation efforts to preserve ecosystems around the world.

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