BMW Dealership Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at BMW

Job seekers interested in working at BMW dealerships must officially earn hiring consideration by participating in the formal interview process. For most available positions, applicants need to complete at least two BMW interviews to become eligible for hire. Prospective employees often have to undergo personality or skills assessments during the BMW interview process, as well. Job interviews typically entail 1:1 meetings between a candidate and a dealership hiring manager. Job offers frequently remain contingent on successful completion of drug tests and criminal background checks to conclude the hiring process.

Typical Interview Topics

As a luxury automaker, BMW strives to staff dealerships with highly knowledgeable employees capable of delivering impeccable service with the utmost professionalism. Consequently, job interviews tend to focus on the product knowledge and customer-service skills of prospective workers.

Example Interview Questions

Interviewers regularly ask questions such as, "What do you know about the makes and models of BMW vehicles?" and "How would you persuade an undecided customer to buy a car from us?" Candidates for more technical service-based positions often field interview questions like, "What do you know about hybrid systems?", which require potential employees to demonstrate specific knowledge about the inner workings of certain vehicles. BMW hiring managers also inquire about past work experiences with queries like, "What was your most challenging job?" and "Describe a time when you had to lead a team; what was the goal and what was the outcome?"

Dress and Behavior

To show compatibility with the upscale environment of BMW dealerships, interviewees should wear professional office attire when meeting with hiring officials. Try to remain brief and to-the-point while still providing complete answers in response to interview questions. Present a polished and professional demeanor to indicate a good fit for available jobs. Smile frequently to demonstrate the friendly personality needed to work with customers and exhibit passion for the brand to increase chances of obtaining employment. Convey gratitude for the hiring consideration at the end of interviews and follow up with the dealership about a week later, if necessary.


  • guzel says:

    I have been interviewed by bmw egypt for operation.customer advisor position-first u have to fill application asking about personal contact data.and write down answers for why did u apply for bmw ? Tell about aievement and u proud of ? Wht the difficult situation u have ever had ? Wht u do in coming 5 yrs ? Then he asked about angry customer situation .then role play question related to job duty

  • Jenny D says:

    Did you ever get the job, Amy? If so how do you like it?

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