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Bobbi Brown operates as one of the premier make-up and beauty product retailers in the world. While the cosmetics company primarily sells through department stores and other traditional retail outlets, applicants looking for work may take interest in positions available in 30 company stores.

Facts About Working at Bobbi Brown

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Bobbi Brown?)

Available Positions: Retail Sales Associate, Beauty Advisor, Cosmetics Rotator, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Counter Manager, Administrative Assistant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Bobbi Brown Job Opportunities

Creativity, dedication, and reliability represent ideal traits of aspiring Bobbi Brown employees. The prominent cosmetics company offers part-time and full-time job opportunities featuring paid training, competitive work benefits packages, and lucrative salary options commensurate with industry standards. Applicants encounter sales-centric work environments focused on direct interaction with customers on a regular basis. Prospective employees must possess intuitive passions for make-up and beauty care products to offer assistance to patrons as needed. The retailer and cosmetics manufacturer commonly looks for individuals who embody bright and outgoing personalities while maintaining aggressive sales strategies and devoted work ethics.

Applicants interested in makeup artist and/or beauty advisor jobs should prepare for the hiring process by reviewing standard cosmetics application techniques. The retail chain regularly puts candidates through mock sales and application demonstrations during job interviews. Workers must show proof of competency regarding beauty care assistance and professional manners of addressing potential customers. Each demonstration lasts around 30 minutes and requires acute attention to detail in order to make the right impressions.

Bobbi Brown Pay Scales and Positions Information

The training and experience necessary for employment consideration limits Bobbi Brown job opportunities to workers 18 and over. Applicants may also need to possess official licensures as beauty care technicians. Special interest in the products and services sold by the popular cosmetics line also benefits job seekers. A majority of employees working for the retail assume the following roles:

Makeup Artist

  • An entry-level retail position, makeup artist involves creating designer looks for customers using Bobbi Brown product lines.
  • Makeup artists usually assist customers as needed in contrast to arrangements by appointment.
  • Job duties include applying makeup to demonstrate products, making recommendations, and selling merchandise.
  • Personable, friendly, and energetic individuals knowledgeable about beauty care and fashion trends often make the best makeup artists.
  • The position offers part-time and full-time schedules, depending mostly on hiring needs, talent, and experience.
  • Pay scales start out at $14.00 or $15.00 an hour and rise to more than $20.00 for long-tenured associates.

Beauty Advisor

  • Also known as sales associates, beauty advisors assist customers in selecting products.
  • Workers also maintain store locations by organizing products on shelves, arranging displays, and creating effective merchandising layouts.
  • Savvy and bubbly individuals with specific knowledge about cosmetics applications and styles prove highly desirable for beauty advisor jobs.
  • The entry-level roles also provide part-time and full-time scheduling opportunities, with starting pay falling well above minimum wage at $14.00 per hour and exceeding $15.00 with experience.


  • Managers take responsibility for overseeing retail, sales, shipping and receiving, and administrative operations at store locations.
  • The popular retail chain primarily hires individuals with prior experience in the industry and motivated personalities to work as managers.
  • Part-time career seekers may take interest in supervisory roles, while full-time professionals may work in any managerial capacity.
  • Supervisors mostly look after subordinate staffs and carry out personnel-oriented directives, such as training new workers, setting schedules, and assisting in sales.
  • Upper-level managers order supplies and merchandise, hire new employees, and report sales/losses to the company corporate offices.
  • Managers may make anywhere from $30,000 to $35,000 at start and usually gain the positions with seniority.
  • Annual salary options top out around $50,000 to $60,000.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should consider applying for Bobbi Brown jobs in person in order to make visual first impressions with hiring personnel. Filling out job applications by hand at a store location allows managers to experience personal styles and overall personalities firsthand. Job seekers should also spend time reviewing company product lines and become familiar with typical cosmetics applications and trends. Workers with experience in the cosmetics industry or certifications as cosmetologists should highlight the achievements in the appropriate sections of required hiring forms.

Application Status

Calling, emailing, or visiting locations after submitting job applications represent the best ways to follow up on employment. Making phone calls to managers or visiting storefronts in person offer applicants direct, personal opportunities to connect with hiring personnel and potential coworkers. Emailing also proves an acceptable method of checking on the status of an outstanding application; however, the impersonal approach may limit candidates from showing off true personalities. Most Bobbi Brown employment hopefuls spend between one and two weeks going through the hiring process. Employee referrals may expedite the process and reduce wait times to a week or less.

Benefits of Working at Bobbi Brown

A progressive company, Bobbi Brown offers regular training and advancement opportunities for motivated associates. Former employees commonly cite access to free products and discounted merchandise as well as staying up-to-date on the latest styles and trends. Workers may also qualify for job benefits packages consisting of:

  • Healthcare options
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off, and life insurance coverage.

Supplemental Information on Bobbi Brown

Product lines sold by the international cosmetics retailer primarily target women and young girls. In efforts to give back to customers, surrounding areas, and the world community, Bobbi Brown partners with several non-profit organizations centered on bettering the lives of women and promoting equality among genders and across racial lines. Official partners include Girls Rising, which focuses on providing young girls without the necessary means to full educations, and Brooke Street Academy, another educational program operating as a charter school for students from impoverish or underprivileged backgrounds.


  • Cheryl L Humes says:

    I have worked for Bobbi Brown for 6 years, and I loved every minute of it, it is because of the brand I was able to travel to many countries for training, unfortunately due to the passing of my mom and the traumatic experience, I resigned in 2015. The best job I ever had.

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