Bobbi Brown Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bobbi Brown

Applicants seeking retail employment with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics often participate in phone interviews to begin the hiring process. Hiring managers then invite qualified candidates to appear in-store for face-to-face job interviews, which generally consist of brief, question-and-answer sessions overseen by department or store management.

Bobbi Brown Interview Questions

What Questions Do They Ask?
The Bobbi Brown interview process typically includes basic questions regarding availability, job skills, and previous employment. Applicants regularly encounter interview questions such as:

  • "What do you like about our lines of cosmetics?"
  • "How would you approach a potential customer?"

What Skills Are They Looking For?

Demonstrate Customer Service Customer service and sales skills remain integral parts of available jobs. Interviewees commonly need to discuss examples of providing outstanding service in the past, describe the ideal handling of specific customer-based scenarios, and give demonstrations showcasing effective selling skills. Hiring managers may also ask job seekers specific questions about using Bobbi Brown make-up and giving beauty advice to shoppers.

Related Experience

Bobbi Brown interviewers look for candidates with abilities to build relationships with patrons and turn shoppers into clients, instead of just regular customers. Interviewees should strongly emphasize any previous experience in customer service, retail, or sales and be ready to bring up specific highlights from past jobs when responding to interview questions.

What Should You Wear?

Demonstrate the keen sense of style necessary for working in the cosmetics retail industry by wearing fashionable yet professional attire to job interviews. Applicants wishing to gain the advantage during the interview process should consider wearing cosmetics to show a deep appreciation for the brand. Smile consistently throughout each interview and acknowledge hiring managers graciously at the conclusion of each meeting.

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