Body Shop Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Body Shop

After turning in a Body Shop application, many locations require applicants to submit personality tests and skills tests before attending job interviews. After reviewing responses, a hiring manager generally calls preferred applicants to conduct impromptu phone interviews. Upon successfully completing initial phone interviews, candidates then move on to face-to-face interviews with hiring representatives. The average waiting time for aspiring retail team members to hear back from hiring managers generally stands at less than a week, depending on the volume of applicants.

Interview Questions and General Tips

During each interview, hiring officials ask questions to learn more about applicants. Job hopefuls hear interview questions ranging from, "Why are you interested in a job with Body Shop?" to, "What are your greatest weaknesses?" Regardless of the question, an applicant should answer honestly and to the best of her ability. Other common interview questions include: "What type of person do you get along with the least?", "What do you feel are important aspects of working in the retail industry?", and "What values of the Body Shop mission statement do you best align with?" Applicants should study company history and culture to better prepare responses during the hiring process. Dress professionally and even wear Body Shop beauty products to further improve chances of employment consideration from the retail chain.


  • storm borland courtney says:

    What should I wear to the job interview and do I have to bring anything with me e.g certificates, etc?

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