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Bon-Ton department stores primarily reside throughout the American Midwest, East Coast, and Great Plains regions. More than 270 locations comprise the company network of stores, with widespread presence and increased popularity driving both customers and job seekers to the chain.

Facts About Working at Bon-Ton

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Bon Ton?)

Available Positions: Store Associate, Customer Service Representative, Sales Manager, Assistant Store Manager-Merchandising, Assistant Store Manager-HR/Operations, Store Manager, Receiving Manager, Human Resources Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Bon-Ton Job Opportunities

A national chain of department stores, Bon-Ton continuously hires for part-time, full-time, and seasonal positions. The established retailer maintains operations in roughly 25 states, which accounts for the 27,000-plus employees working for the chain. Applicants looking to grow with an expanding company should take interest in sales, stock, customer service, and related entry-level positions available with the national department store. A majority of available jobs involve sales and customer service responsibilities. Managerial workers in long-term careers often take part in sales and customer service, as well. Hiring requirements center on personable, attentive, and direct individuals able to interface with patrons and generate sales consistently.

Other hiring requirements revolve around availability and passion for merchandise sold at Bon-Ton locations. The retail chain places heavy emphasis on fashion and home furnishings. Job seekers with common knowledge related to clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, home decor and furniture, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, and linens stand greater chances of gaining employment, as most entry-level sales staff spend each shift explaining the benefits and uses for products sold in store. Daily responsibilities often place entry-level associates on foot for long periods of time and may require regular manual labor, such as lifting pallets of merchandise and using ladders to retrieve products for customers. However, engaging in sales represents the main concentration of assigned tasks.

Bon-Ton Employment Prospects and Pay Scales

Workers with adept knowledge or backgrounds in specific areas of merchandise often gain preferential treatment from recruitment personnel, as associates often receive assignment in designated departments. The minimum age for employment consideration holds at 18 years old for both entry-level jobs and managerial careers. Aspiring workers generally find viable options for work in the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • First impressions and basic math skills rank as highly important traits for sales associates.
  • As highly visible extensions of the chain, sales associates interact with customers on a daily basis and perform checkout services at point-of-sales registers.
  • Experience processing transactions in retail settings serves as a general preference during the hiring process; however, Bon-Ton regularly hires on inexperienced individuals as sales associates.
  • The ability to work with multiple customers simultaneously while meeting company standards of excellent service remain vitally important to the job title, as well.
  • Initial schedules usually consist of nights, weekends, and holidays and move into more traditional hours over time.
  • Pay scales begin at minimum wage and rise to $15.00 or so per hour.
  • Commission largely factors into overall salary options.

Merchandise Support Associate

  • Main responsibilities attributed to the position include designing and setting up store layouts and displays, with the overall goal to create attractive, eye-catching product racks and shelves.
  • Individuals in the role must work well as part of teams and perform duties in quick and efficient manners.
  • Merchandise support associates mainly work after hours; however, the position offers day, night, and weekend scheduling regularly.
  • High school diplomas, creative personalities, and experience in design represent basic qualifications.
  • The average merchandise support associate earns between $14.00 and $15.00 an hour at time of hire.


  • The first tier of managerial opportunities includes the position of selling supervisor.
  • Largely involved in staffing and training employees, the key holder jobs require proven leadership, passion for the company, excellent merchandising skills, and effective sales abilities.
  • Job duties include motivating entry-level workers, opening and closing departments, scheduling associates, and maintaining strong relations with customers.
  • Assistant store manager careers represent the second tier achievable through the Bon-Ton managerial ranks, with general store managers serving as the highest ranking officials at each location.
  • Both assistant managers and general store managers execute human resources, merchandising, analytics, and marketing responsibilities.
  • While selling supervisors may work part-time or full-time, assistant store manager and general manager jobs remain exclusively full-time.
  • Selling supervisors earn hourly wages starting around $10.00 or $11.00.
  • Assistant store managers and general managers enjoy annual salary options reaching in excess of $110,000, depending on experience, rank, and store location.

Tips For Applying

The prominent department store chain provides ways for applicants to submit hiring forms online and in person. Workers may also track job opportunities through Bon-Ton social media campaigns, which individuals may opt into through the company careers page. The job portal also allows prospective associates to upload resumes, cover letters, and provide basic contact and background information prior to applying, which saves candidates time later on when completing the official forms.

Application Status

In addition to traditional routes for checking on the status of an application, each worker may log into the company careers page and access an individual profile, which highlights past submissions for specific positions. The candidate dashboards also provide the statuses of previous applications. Employment hopefuls may choose to call, email, or visit locations in person to check on hiring forms, as well. Combining both methods may further increase odds of employment with the department store.

Benefits of Working at Bon-Ton

Company cultures center on energy, creativity, and teamwork. Employees enjoy collaborative environments with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Paid training, career advancement potential, and outstanding pay headline available work benefits. Associates in both part-time and full-time jobs enjoy medical, dental, vision, and life insurance options. Full-time employees also receive prescription drug plans, flexible spending accounts, and group legal services.

Additional employment benefits include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans with company match
  • Paid time off, and
  • Associate discounts.

Supplemental job benefits typically vary with experience and time spent with the company.

More Information on Bon-Ton

An active member of surrounding communities, Bon-Ton regularly works alongside and in conjunction with area charities. Specific collaborations include partnering with United Way and Goodwill as well as in-house initiatives, such as the BRAVO (Bon-Ton Retail Associates Volunteer Outreach) program and pushes for greener operations. The renowned department store also plays an active role in fundraising breast cancer treatment research, with more than $3.4 million raised since the late 1990s. An annual community drive hosted by the retail chain raises awareness for area charities and donates proceeds of funds to participating nonprofit organizations.

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