Bonefish Grill Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bonefish Grill

The Bonefish Grill hiring process begins with submitting required employment forms online or in-person at a desired restaurant location. Most applicants hear back from a hiring manager to schedule job interviews within a couple weeks of submitting the required materials. Once contacted, an applicant generally participates in a couple rounds of interviews. Phone interviews generally represent the first round of hiring sessions prospective associates encounter during the interview process, followed by in-person interviews. Some locations may require skills tests, personality tests, and background checks to receive employment consideration.

Characteristics of Successful Applicants

Topics commonly encountered in the Bonefish Grill hiring process gauge personality traits and the overall passion an applicant feels for the position desired. The popular restaurant chain looks to hire workers who love food and demonstrate willingness to provide exceptional customer service.

Examples of Common Interview Questions

A hiring manager may ask: “In your opinion, what are the most important aspects of customer service?” Other Bonefish Grill interview questions may include: “How would you handle an upset customer?”, “If you found money on the ground, would you keep it or find its rightful owner?”, and “How would you show pride in your job if hired to work at Bonefish Grill?” Servers often field specific questions about menu items or daily offerings. Familiarity with available menus proves highly advantageous for aspiring associates and demonstrates clear desires to work for the restaurant chain.

Show Persistence and Determination

Bonefish Grill locations want to ensure potential employees possess the skills necessary to handle high-volume work in fast-paced settings. Applicants interviewing for jobs with Bonefish Grill should focus responses on customer service-related experiences to improve chances of employment. 60 to 90 second informative answers demonstrate ability to handle pressure and stressful situations. Overelaborating and deviating from subject matter may cause the hiring manager to lose interest. Dress professionally and arrive on time for each job interview. Await final determinations by placing follow-up calls to attending managers to express gratitude for the opportunity. The restaurant may reward persistent applicants with employment.


  • Ryan says:

    i plan on applying this week, any tips on what to wear and what to say or how to present myself to land the job??

  • Kyle Williams says:

    I work at Bonefish Grill. You should wear black khakis dress pants and a plain white t shirt.that is what the employees wear. I work as a dishwasher. the wage is either 8.67 or 9.25 hour. The managers are very nice and it is a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Interviewee says:

    “If you had a guest who had gotten a dirty glass, how would you handle it?”

    “If you had a regular customer come in that had too much to drink, how would you handle the situation?”

    “What is your wine knowledge?” Ans: Light foods with light wines and heavier foods paired with heavier wines.

    “Why do you want to work for Bonefish?”

    I wore black pants, black shoes, black belt, and burgundy shirt for interview with a matching tie. I don’t think ties are required, but I like to show that extra effort.

  • Julie Russell says:

    Haven’t been to my interview yet I just wanted to know what to expect

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