Boost Mobile Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Boost Mobile

A subsidiary of Sprint Nextel, Boost Mobile looks for employees specially adapted to target demographics. Before applying, research and possess a working knowledge of the company culture, competitors, and industry and technology trends. Then, register on the company career site, submit a profile and resume, conduct a job search, and apply. Applicants should know each position has a specific set of requirements and prepare accordingly.

General Hiring Process Information

Candidates interested in retail sales need to complete pre-screen questionnaires and sales assessments, a process taking 30 to 40 minutes. Once finished, prospects should proceed to filling out the company e-application. If workers meet qualifications and requirements, the individuals receive review from the hiring manager for consideration.

Customer Service Jobs

Persons interested in customer service positions need to successfully pass simulation assessments to garner consideration for an interview upon submitting hiring materials. The assessment tests applicant computer navigation, accuracy, multi-tasking, and customer service orientation skills. All test scores, resumes, and applications face scrutiny before the chain schedules interviews.

Final Steps in the Interview Process

If successful, prospective employees proceed through a minimum of two 1:1 interviews. Applicants should strongly consider professional attire. Bring multiple copies of the resume used in the online application, lists of references, as well as lists of inquiries to ask attending hiring managers. Questions posed at the interview often rely on the candidate to recall a past experience. Structure the responses to the questions by first stating the situations or tasks, the actions taken, and finally finishing the responses with the results of the actions. Candidates may receive confirmations of employment between four to seven days.


  • Maria Hernandez Hoffman says:

    I’m very interested in working for any of teh SPRINT PCS Affiliats. Online applications are not working. Can I go in person. I live in the San Diego area. Would prefere to work in the SouthBay Area.

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