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Boscov's operates as one of the last family-owned department stores in the United States. Serving primarily the Mid-Atlantic region, the retail chain frequently hires customer-oriented individuals seeking either part-time employment or long-term careers. Applicants may fill out an online application or find a paper form at the preferred location of employment.

Facts About Working at Boscovs

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Boscov's?)

Available Positions: Beauty Advisor, Cosmetics Sales Associate, Cosmetic Counter Manager, Women’s Sales Associate, Jewelry Sales Associate, Shoe Sales Associate, Men’s Sales Associate, Kids Sales Associate, Home Sales Associate, Loss Prevention Detective/Guard, Staff Scheduler/Clerical Worker, Receiving & Stock Associate, Merchandise Coordinator, Supervisor, Sales Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Assistant General Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Boscov’s Job Opportunities

Founded in 1911, the department store chain consistently serves as an anchor store at area malls and sells a variety of products, including men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, as well as shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and other accessories. The retailer also offers appliances, sporting goods, and some housewares. To move into the modern shopping era, Boscov’s also offers consumers the opportunity to make purchases online via the company website. Preferred hires understand and respect the history of the department store chain while providing exceptional customer service.

Entry-level positions consist of cashier, stock associate, and sales associate jobs covering multiple departments. Applicants displaying legitimate enjoyment of retailing, interacting and connecting with customers, and possessing energetic personalities fill Boscov’s jobs well. Crew members enjoy competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and a fast-paced, team-oriented work environment. Career hopefuls with past experience in retail and supervisory roles fit managerial roles with the department store chain, as well.

Positions and Salary Information for Boscov’s

Minimum hiring age to work with Boscov’s rests at 16 years old, though certain positions may necessitate hires to stand at least 18. Both entry-level and career-oriented individuals enjoy flexible scheduling, reasonable wages, and opportunities for advancement. Interested job seekers may fill out application forms in person or online for the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates perform entry-level work with the department store chain.
  • These employees retain responsibility for selling merchandise, providing exceptional customer service, and processing accurate and efficient sales transactions.
  • Sales team members must possess excellent interpersonal skills, understand and promote store ad campaigns, and keep stock consistently replenished.
  • Sales associates typically earn minimum hourly wages upon hire, with the capacity to earn up to $11.00 an hour as service time increases.

Loss Prevention Detective

  • Employees working as loss prevention detectives serve as deterrents for theft, while providing daily surveillance at each location.
  • Loss prevention associates also must perform frequent audits, lead fire prevention and inspections, and may carry out both opening and closing procedures.
  • Workers should possess calm demeanors and extraordinary communication skills.
  • Previous experience in loss prevention, security, or law enforcement may benefit applicants.
  • Typical starting wage for loss prevention detectives rests around $10.00 an hour.
  • The job may only offer part-time schedule at start.


  • With multiple departments requiring experienced workers to direct sales and supervise subordinates, the retailer regularly offers career opportunities in management.
  • Managerial responsibilities involve hiring and guiding new crew members, scheduling, assuring proper supply related to consumer demand, balancing labor hours with profitability, driving sales through effective marketing techniques, and organizing daily operations.
  • Managers all qualify for the department store chain’s executive training program, which allows entry-level supervisors to gradually learn about retail management and develop within the company hierarchy.
  • Salary options start around $25,000 annually and eventually increase up to $75,000 a year with continued experience.

Tips for Applying

Interested employees may apply at the preferred store of employment or via the online job portal. Candidates should fill out application forms as completely as possible and provide all relevant work information, if applicable. Applicants should list all pertinent prior work experience, education background, and both personal and professional references. Utilize neat, concise handwriting, with blue or black ink still representing the standard in filling out work materials. Dropping off applications in person may lead to better hiring possibilities due to manager ability to put names to faces.

Application Status

Applicants typically hear back from hiring personnel within a week of providing all necessary materials. Job seekers who turn in application forms in store may receive interviews and hiring consideration on the spot. If not contacted by hiring managers within an appreciable amount of time, contact stores either via telephone or in person to check on hiring status. Remain polite and respectful of by not inundating stores with constant follow-up.

Benefits of Working at Boscov’s

The department store retail chain offers work benefits starting with competitive industry pay, flexible scheduling, and paid training. Eligible employees may receive additional job benefits, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Life insurance options, and
  • Enrollment in company 401(k) plans.

Full-time store associates may enjoy paid personal time, sick days, and paid holidays. The retailer continually promotes from within, so candidates regularly benefit in terms of personal and professional growth as well as work and life balance.

More Information on Boscov’s

Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends represents the annual fundraising event put on by the department store. All area non-profit organizations receive open participation invitations. Friends Helping Friends provides associations with $5.00 discount shopping passes serving as discount tickets to shop at the store. All proceeds from the sale of the discount passes go directly to the selling organization. The company turns the fundraiser into a special day filled with chances to win prizes, concessions, and entertainment each year.


  • Dana M. Fasick Jr. says:

    I worked for Boscov’s for years during the holiday season and really enjoyed it, I worked in the auditorium, that was my favorite place to work, I first started working at Boscov’s the first holiday season that the store was open in Colonial Park, and then worked at the Harrisburg Mall location the first holiday season, and would really like to work there again this holiday season!

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