Boscov’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Boscov's

Boscov's job seekers participate in at least one face-to-face interview during the hiring process. Depending on the store, Boscov's applicants may encounter multiple job interviews, including interview sessions with assistant managers, HR representatives, and store managers.

What Types of Formats Will I Encounter?

At most, a Boscov's employment hopeful will sit with three hiring personnel, often in individual meetings, to vie for work. Company department stores also regularly conduct brief phone interviews consisting of a single, general question about desires to work for the company, which most often takes place following formal review of applicant information.

How Long Will the Hiring Process Last?

The process often lasts a week and typically no more than two weeks, with applicants receiving formal job offers either during or shortly after the final interview.

Typical Boscov's Interview Questions

For entry-level applicants, the Boscov's hiring process serves as an introduction to the company as well as screening for the potential job. Workers sit with hiring managers and discuss various aspects of department store retailing and the responsibilities one might assume in the position desired. Most entry-level interviews last only 15 to 20 minutes at most. Standard interview questions include: "Which department are you looking to work in?", "What qualifies you over other candidates?", and "Do you get along with coworkers in a team-dependent work setting?"

Special Considerations for Managers

Managerial candidates almost always encounter two or more job interviews during the hiring process. In addition to promoting workers from within, Boscov's department stores use traditional methods of screening managerial hopefuls. The interview process features similar methods as used to screen for entry-level workers. Job seekers sit with two or three hiring managers individually for brief periods and answer interview questions related to the specific job title. The human resources representative often poses interview questions to gauge personality traits. Assistant and store managers screen for work ethics, related job skills, and reliability.

What They Look for in New Employees

The ability to exceed expectations and work well in a team, retail setting represent the most important traits Boscov's looks for in applicants. Professional clothing, either business-casual attire or formal dress, helps demonstrate a serious fit for the job. Interact with hiring managers in a candid yet courteous manner. Bear in mind most employers want applicants to act in the interview the way they would when dealing with customers. Confidence, patience, positive outlooks, and effective communication skills often sway managers to make a hiring decision one way or another.

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