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With over 400 locations throughout the United States, American fast-casual chain Boston Market remains a lucrative source of employment with over 14,000 employees currently working for the company. Such a defined position in the job market leads many to apply with the casual eatery.

Facts About Working at Boston Market

Hiring Age: 15 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Boston Market?)

Available Positions: Crew Member, Delivery Driver, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Boston Market Employment Opportunities

With over 400 locations throughout the United States, American fast-casual chain Boston Market remains a lucrative source of employment with over 14,000 employees currently working for the company. Such a defined position in the job market leads many to apply with the casual eatery.

Job seekers regularly find food service work with Boston Market. The rotisserie-style chicken restaurants feature streamlined service processes and time-tested recipes, which remain inviting to entry-level candidates. Available positions range from cashier and cook roles in restaurant locations to delivery driver jobs for handling catering orders. More experienced applicants take leadership roles in stores as supervisors or managers, while finance and marketing positions often stand obtainable to career professionals, as well.

Boston Market provides high-quality food and exceptional service. Entry-level job duties often include typical food service tasks, such as dispensing portions of food to patrons, checking food temperatures, and maintaining area cleanliness and sanitation. Customer service remains essential, as well. Employees must greet guests upon entry, listen attentively to orders, offer helpful recommendations, and provide receipts and correct change. Job hopefuls able to contribute to the standards of the company should seek work at a nearby location.

Boston Market Jobs and Pay Scales

Employment hopefuls as young as 15 years of age may apply for jobs with the restaurant chain. However, delivery driver positions and some managerial roles require applicants to stand at least 18 years old before submitting hiring forms for available positions. Boston Market must regularly hire qualified workers for the following positions:

Crew Member

  • Crew members at Boston Market perform a majority of food preparation and customer service responsibilities in restaurant locations.
  • Employees typically assume the role of one of several stations.
  • Meat carving, dishwashing, operating cash registers, and preparing food each remain distinct work opportunities.
  • Though crew jobs largely prove entry-level work opportunities, candidates with previous food service experience may gain preference during hiring processes.
  • Crew members typically earn minimum wage.


  • Catering drivers promptly and accurately bring customers delivery orders.
  • In addition to delivering orders, employees must set up buffet tables at drop off locations, take inventory of catering stock, and provide warm and friendly assistance to customers.
  • Position requirements include owning reliable transportation, valid licenses and proofs of insurance, and the ability to lift and carry up to 70 lbs.
  • Candidates must also possess working cell phones.
  • Catering drivers earn up to $12.00 per hour and may receive tips, as well.

Tips For Applying

Individuals with food service backgrounds and interest in customer service should apply to the chain. Demonstrate skills and personable natures in interviews to impress hiring managers and show fit for available jobs. Keeping an open schedule also benefits job seekers, as the company prefers to hire candidates with flexible availability. Applicants with high school diplomas or GED equivalents may earn favor during hiring processes, as well.

Application Status

After applying in person or online, candidates may follow up on the status of submitted hiring forms in person, through phone calls, or via emails. Staffing personnel may contact applicants within a week or two; however, following up sooner typically shows interest and motivation. Asking to speak with management employees directly streamlines the process and avoids the potential for receiving erroneous information from entry-level workers on available jobs. Wait until managers finish vital responsibilities to ask questions about application status.

Benefits of Working at Boston Market

Full-time Boston Market associates qualify for comprehensive job benefits packages. Incentives such as employee assistance programs, flexible spending accounts, and 401(k) retirement plans prove attractive draws for prospective employees of the chain. Available health insurance plans typically include prescription drug, vision, and dental coverage. Part-time workers gain access to meal discounts, flexible scheduling options, and advancement opportunities.

More Information on Boston Market

The company began in 1985 as Boston Chicken. After reforming as Boston Market in 1995, the chain expanded the menu from the signature rotisserie chicken and sides to include entree items, such as fish, brisket, meatloaf, ham, and sandwiches. In addition to increasing the number of available food options, the company began a VIP club for repeat customers to earn incentives, discounted meals, and exclusive offers. Corporate headquarters rest in Golden, CO.


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    How old do you have to be in order to apply for a delivery driving position?

    • Kaylam says:

      At least 18

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    How old you have to be to apply for the dishwasher position?

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