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Actively involved in the extraction, refinement, and sale of fuel, BP employs workers at every step of the gasoline production process. In particular, the international oil and gas company must hire enough employees to maintain the commercial success of branded fuel stations across the United States.

Facts About Working at BP

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at BP?)

Available Positions: Counter Clerk, Customer Service Support, Maintenance Technician, Financial Analyst, Real Estate Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Project Team Manager, Facilities Maintenance Planner, Transport Driver, Information and Records Coordinator, Site Scheduler, Wellsite Leader, Inspection Specialist

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

BP Job Opportunities

The gasoline retailer employs roughly 20,000 associates in the U.S., where the average salary and job benefits of a typical BP worker more than doubles the national standard for all occupations. Many employees work at one of the approximately 7,500 gas stations the fuel producer oversees nationwide. Ranging from entry-level positions to management careers, gas station jobs feature a variety of different duties and demand various levels of experience from applicants. In general, entry-level candidates need little or no experience, while managerial job seekers gain employment by developing a history of managing retail operations. However, due to independent franchisee ownership of BP gas stations, specific hiring requirements may vary.

More than just places for motorists to refuel, BP service stations offer a wide range of products enabling employees to hold varied responsibilities and make frequent connections with customers. Many locations contain onsite convenient stores called am/pm, which give workers constant opportunities to serve customers by preparing food items and making merchandise available on the sales floor in addition to processing fuel transactions. With experience, entry-level gas station associates often become eligible to train for management positions. Focused on running a successful business in addition to serving customers, managers take responsibility for various duties corresponding with the specific level of management.

BP Positions and Salary Information

Ideal candidates for BP jobs generally boast the schedule flexibility necessary for working the extended and irregular hours of the business. The nontraditional hours of operation also compel the gasoline retailer to enforce a minimum hiring age of 18 for the following employment opportunities:

Customer Service Representative

  • Frequently referred to as counter clerks or gas station attendants, customer service representatives act as cashiers, sales associates, and stockers.
  • As the job title specifies, customer service makes up a large part of the entry-level position, which also serves as the public face of the BP Corporation for many motorists.
  • Major responsibilities include ringing up gasoline sales and other transactions at the cash register, preparing and packaging premade food items, and replenishing the sales floor.
  • Ensuring the availability of gas station staples like freshly prepared coffee and condiments represents one of the main components of customer service jobs.
  • Customer service representatives also take care of housekeeping to maintain the cleanliness of the convenience store area.
  • Previous experience may not play a significant role in landing the entry-level job, which tends to pay between minimum wage and $9.00 an hour.


  • Ultimately responsible for the commercial wellbeing of BP service stations, managers oversee the business affairs of each retail fuel outlet.
  • Job duties range from budgeting expenses and increasing sales to hiring new associates and upholding companywide standards of customer service.
  • Managers also handle various organizational tasks, such as ordering merchandise shipments and creating work schedules for all gas station employees.
  • Prior experience typically represents the biggest potential barrier to securing managerial employment.
  • Candidates generally qualify to work as managers by either achieving promotion internally or by bringing years of previous management experience to the hiring process.
  • Managers work under different job titles, which directly influence earning potential.
  • Assistant managers make about $10.00 per hour, while general managers earn salary options frequently exceeding $40,000 annually.

Tips For Applying

While experienced professionals seeking corporate careers may search and apply online for available jobs, prospective retail workers earn hiring consideration by going to a BP service station and filling out an application form in person. Prior to applying, candidates should create an updated resume or otherwise gather the relevant details of past jobs, schooling, and references ahead of time to expedite the application process. Applicants should also convey professionalism by maintaining a neat appearance and dressing up to visit the gas station. Once onsite, establish interest in the job and request an application, fill out the document neatly while leaving schedule availability as open as possible, and hand the completed form directly to the manager on duty. Briefly meeting with the manager during the application process gives the candidate the chance to make a memorable introduction, explain personal reasons for wanting the particular job, and leave a good impression behind.

Application Status

Job seekers should contact the gas station manager to follow up on submitted applications, as well. Acceptable follow-up contact typically occurs in person or by phone, though following up in person often makes a stronger impression and may produce better results. Ask the manager to clarify the status of the submitted application, reestablish interest in the position, and find out what to expect during the remainder of the hiring process, if necessary. Regardless of the outcome, always remain gracious and professional.

Benefits of Working at BP

Committed to retaining a highly skilled workforce, BP offers numerous opportunities for professional learning and development. Employees learn new skills and improve existing strengths by participating in courses, taking advantage of online learning opportunities, working under the guidance of a mentor, and making the most of other tactics designed to facilitate career advancement. As workers acquire new skills and advance professionally, the availability of additional employment benefits tends to increase in scope. Eligible associates enjoy access to health benefits, like:

  • General medical coverage and dental insurance
  • As well as retirement perks such as 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Information on BP

A global brand, BP operates in roughly 80 countries, employs more than 83,000 associates, and actively participates in all stages of the gasoline production process, from oil extraction and refinement to fuel retail. The multifaceted company ranks as the second-largest provider of gasoline in the United States and sells more than 15 billion gallons of fuel throughout the country each year. On a daily basis, American motorists purchase approximately 50 million gallons of gasoline from the international fuel retailer. In addition to gasoline, BP produces various lubricants and petrochemicals as well as energy utilized to generate heat and light. The oil and gas company also contributes to the development of alternative energy sources, like wind and biofuels.


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