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Founded in 1977, BrandsMart USA primarily operates as an online retailer specializing in computers and electronics. The company also maintains physical store locations, which create widespread needs for entry-level job seekers and career professionals alike.

Facts About Working at BrandsMart USA

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at BrandsMart USA?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Audio Sales Associate, Car Stereo Sales Associate, Computer Sales Associate, Headphone Sales Associate, Appliance Sales Associate, Camera Sales Associate, Game Sales Associate, Televisions Sales Associate, Telecom Sales Associate, Inner Circle Sales Associate, Asset Protection Specialist, Cellular Sales Associate, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Warehouse Laborer, Returns Clerk, Graphic Artist

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BrandsMart USA Job Opportunities

Between online sales operations and stores located throughout the American South, the regional company provides over 2,000 opportunities to find meaningful employment. Job seekers regularly find work in specific departments, such as headphones, computers, TVs, appliances, car audio, and home furnishing. Most of the work available requires no previous experience for employment consideration; however, applicants in search of full-time work often benefit from possessing related backgrounds, as the retail chain favors workers able to provide exceptional services.

While most BrandsMart USA jobs remain entry-level in nature, the prominent retail store also hires on technicians and managers. The career-oriented positions often require years of related experience and high school educations. Other opportunities for work include warehouse laborer and inventory control clerk jobs. Applicants need to meet certain physical standards in order to assume laborer or clerk positions, as the roles heavily involve manual exertion and require stamina, strength, and good health.

BrandsMart USA Employment and Pay Scales

Applicants must stand 18 years of age in order to gain employment with the popular chain of computer and electronics stores. Individuals must fill out and submit official applications to receive formal review from recruitment personnel. BrandsMart USA also hires new associates through employee referrals. Popular job titles include:


  • Assigned to respective departments, sales associates provide customer service and cashiering assistance at physical store locations.
  • Job duties primarily involve interacting with shoppers and recommending products.
  • Workers should possess familiarity with merchandise sold in store, specifically in designated departments, in order to effectively carry out responsibilities.
  • Some sales departments require little-to-no experience, while others impose minimum background qualifications of two to five years in similar settings.
  • Regardless of department, the computer store routinely considers individuals with experience more qualified than applicants without.
  • Sales employees work part-time, full-time, or seasonally.
  • Pay scales fall between minimum wage and $10.00 hourly.

Warehouse Laborer

  • An entry-level job title requiring no real experience, the position of laborer centers on performing stock and receiving duties in company warehouses.
  • Laborers regularly assume late-night shifts upon hire, as shipments often arrive after hours.
  • The ability to lift and push heavy weight, bend, and stoop remain essential in carrying out daily tasks.
  • Reliable means of transportation and self-starting personalities also factor into overall success in the position.
  • Warehouse laborers also receive minimum wage starting pay, with increases dependent on job performance.


  • Every in-store department hires on supervisors and managers to oversee entry-level staffs, track inventories, set sales goals, motivate associates, and implement hiring and training procedures.
  • Entry-level supervisory roles primarily center on personnel issues and scheduling, while upper-level managerial careers involve more administrative tasks.
  • Most managers work full-time for the computer store and fill varying schedules based on need.
  • Supervisors earn roughly $11.00 or $12.00 per hour.
  • Managers often enjoy salary options in excess of $50,000 or more.

Tips For Applying

Hiring forms only remain active for 30 days after submission. Workers must resubmit employment forms after 30 days pass from the initial submission in order to receive full consideration for positions available. Applicants must also consent to background checks, which the company implements routinely, in order to gain employment. The official hiring form provides detailed information regarding the necessity of carrying out pre-employment screenings.

Application Status

The major retailer generally contacts workers to set up interviews within two weeks of application submission. In some instances, such as cases involving employee referrals, applicants may receive expedited consideration and hear back from management within a few days. Calling, emailing, or visiting locations in person to check on hiring statuses may also improve chances of receiving invitations to interview. The most effective among follow-up methods include calling or personal visits, which provide direct contact with managers and held establish professional rapports.

Benefits of Working at BrandsMart USA

Upon hire, BrandsMart USA employees receive complimentary uniforms, paid training, and discounts on products and services. The electronics dealer also provides full-time associates with comprehensive job benefits packages. Employment benefits packages often include:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Paid time off, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Specific work benefits available often vary by position.

Extra Information on BrandsMart USA

BrandsMart USA offers onsite and web-based financing resources for consumers looking for alternative payment methods. The retailer uses AcceptanceNOW, a loan-application approval program, which requires no formal credit checks. Shoppers may also apply for company-sponsored credit cards, which offer low interest rates, in addition to zero-percent financing on specially designated merchandise.

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