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BRAVO! pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the BRAVO! Application

BRAVO! Brio Restaurant Group administers the applications for BRAVO! restaurants. Job hopefuls looking for work with the popular chain may fill out hiring forms online or download printable copies completed longhand. Workers using physical, paper hiring forms retain the ability to spend as much or as little time as desired on the application pages. Individuals may also gather materials necessary to complete the documents at leisure, which reduces the amount of stress synonymous with timed electronic submissions. PDF versions of the application require in-person visitations to turn in the forms, as well. Candidates may use the opportunities to talk at-length about aspects of positions desired and showcase interpersonal skills in related settings.

How to Fill out the BRAVO! PDF Application

Applicants must follow the instructions laid out in order to complete each category listed on the hiring forms. BRAVO! printable applications should take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to fill in, depending on the readiness of individual candidates. Reprint the documents in the event of mistakes made, as the restaurant prefers job hopefuls to use blue or black pen. Workers may also choose to whiteout errors, as needed. All required fields possess stars.

“Tell us About Yourself”
The BRAVO! application starts candidates out with blank spaces for positions desired, current job titles, contact information, and time spent at current addresses. Candidates must also check off on previous employment with the restaurant, ability to prove identities and right to work in the United States, reliable means of transportation, and indicate standing at or above legal age to serve alcohol. If a former employee of the chain, provide the specific dates.

“Availability Information”
Required fields in the Availability Information section include potential start dates, ability to work holidays, and entry of daily scheduling preferences into a detailed chart. Make sure to provide both day and nighttime preferences. Candidates may also offer how much time proves necessary to notify current employers of receiving job offers from BRAVO!

“List Your Employment History”
The section provides lines for up to three past employers. Start with recent or current jobs. Enter in the company names and locations, phone numbers, former supervisors, positions held, dates employed from/to, final pay rates, and reasons for leaving. The documents offer applicants three choices: resigned with notice, resigned without notice, or termination. Candidates must also mark whether eligible for rehire. Beneath the data fields sits a prompt asking for highest levels of education completed.

“Additional Information from You”
Three questions appear in the Additional Information from You section of the printable application requiring full attention. Individuals must check Yes or No to previous criminal convictions. The form also asks about potential references and the possibility of negative review from the people contacted. Applicants close the section with a Yes or No answer to forced resignations or discharges from previous posts. Write in related skills and abilities on the final line, if desired.

“Application Statement”
BRAVO/Brio Restaurant Group outlines hiring policies and the rights of workers upon submitting applications in the text of the two-page PDF. Candidates should understand falsifying or misrepresenting personal or professional characters on the forms may result in immediate termination if hired and/or legal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Applicants must check Accept or Decline to agree to the terms and conditions of the application and then provide signatures and the date.