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How to Get a Job at Bright Horizons

With nearly 600 locations spread out across the country, Bright Horizons represents one of the largest childcare companies in the United States. Company hiring procedures remain integral parts in maintaining safe and professional environments at each location. Recruitment staff screen for qualified candidates when reviewing resumes, which applicants submit through an online careers portal.

Steps in the Hiring Process

Eligible candidates typically receive contact from recruitment officials within a few days of applying for open positions. Phone screenings prove the first step in the Bright Horizons interview process. After phone conversations, human resource representatives schedule 1:1 or panel meetings with promising candidates. The hiring process may take as little as a day and up to a month to complete.

Typical Interview Formats

Common hiring procedures require candidates to sit through multiple meetings with various higher-ups before Bright Horizons extends job offers. Some interview formats for teachers include in-class interviews in which recruitment personnel observe candidate teaching and communication abilities. Additionally, hiring staff probe into applicant work history, qualifications, certifications, and education during the 30- to 60-minute meetings. Interviews for teacher and daycare positions often include tours of the facility as well as meet-and-greets with current staff.

Additional Review and Background Checks

The Bright Horizons interview process for upper-level positions like director or principal usually include further investigations into candidate childcare credentials, education style, computer skills, money management, and marketing strategies. Each applicant must also submit to criminal background checks and provide several references during the hiring process.

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  1. Kara

    Does Bright Horizons drug test?

  2. jess

    Nevermind found another site, apparently it takes two months to go through the hiring process with Bright Horizons.


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