Bright House Networks Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bright House Networks

A large, multifaceted cable company, Bright House Networks offers careers in technology, sales, customer support, marketing, and technical services. The cable company uses competency-based interview processes to find skilled and knowledgeable individuals capable of performing jobs efficiently.

What Types of Interviews Will I Encounter?

Management often uses phone interviews, one-on-one interviews, and panel interviews to screen candidates for available jobs. Most locations conduct at least two interviews to gauge personality traits and learn more about potential workers. Following interviewing, candidates may need to undergo background checks, drug screening, and personality tests. The interview process varies by department and specific job title. In general, applicants respond to inquiries regarding employment history, job skills, and availability.

Customer Service

Interviewers generally ask a number of technical questions in order to gauge applicant capabilities. For roles involving customer care, Bright House Networks interviews often include behavioral and scenario-based questions dealing with sales and guest services. Specific Bright House Networks interview questions include: "How would you convince a customer to buy a certain product?", "How is a benefit different than a feature?", and "How would you deal with an irate customer?"

Technical Questions

Candidates applying for technical support and service jobs often need to respond to questions about teamwork and problem solving. Some other common Bright House Networks interview questions are: "Name a time you had to work alongside someone who you didn't mesh well with. How did you act?", "Can you describe your experience with CAT5 networking?", and "What is one of the biggest obstacles you've had to overcome?" Job seekers with knowledge of technology generally perform well during job interviews.

How to Navigate Interviews

Bright House Networks hires workers with excellent customer service skills. Be polite and courteous during job interviews and showcase desire to assist others. For increased hiring consideration, highlight any previous experience dealing with customers and accentuate positive achievements from your past. Show off abilities to overcome problems and work quickly and efficiently. Additionally, open availability benefits job hopefuls. Shake hands with management before and after the meeting and express gratitude for any opportunity to participate in the hiring process.


  • Jay says:

    Had a BrightHouse interview after applying for about a year.
    The position I applied for is Installer Technician.
    The first interview went well.
    I was greeted at the door and offered coffee. The staff was extremely friendly.
    I was then asked to take a test that consist of some math problems and some reading.
    I believe I did ok on the test. Btw, it’s a test with timer.
    After I completed the test, a very nice lady gave me the rest of the interview by asking me common questions about the position I was applying for. She also explained a little about the company and what they offer to the employees.
    She ended the interview by asking me when will I be available for my second interview.
    I didn’t expect that question.
    I was so excited inside but, didn’t show it and held my cool.
    Anyway, we agreed to have that second interview a few hours later the same day.
    Wow, did I feel lucky!
    Now, I go to the second interview and I’m feeling military knots in my stomach at this point.
    Btw, this second interview is held in a different location.
    Anyway, again I’m greeted at the door but this time, I didn’t feel that red carpet feeling like I did in the first interview.
    A young woman guides me to a conference room where to my shock there was another young man awaiting their sitting in this long conference table with just my resume in front of him.
    At this point, the knots in my stomach were even tighter. It felt like I did 300 sit-ups.
    I was nervous as hell. But again, didn’t show it and held my cool.
    I was asked to sit down and the questions started rolling.
    They again asked similiar questions like the young woman in the first interview but this time a little more intense.
    They were very thorough about what they ask you.
    Btw, I forgot to mention earlier on this post that, I’m an experienced and certified technician with close to ten years of experience in the field.
    So, anyhow, the second interview proceeded with technical questions about the job. It was also a shorter interview because of my experience.
    Now, the young woman interviewing me asks if I had any questions about the job and I replied “No”.
    She then tells me that she will now step outside with the young man that was interviewing me so that they can discuss my qualifications or something.
    So, they both walk out and leave me alone in this big long conference room.
    That was the worse part of the interview.
    I was dying inside while they left me alone in the room. The knots I felt in my stomach were worse. I was ready to check myself in the ER after the interview that’s how bad the knots were in my stomach.
    I was VERY nervous.
    She now comes back in and asks me if I had any questions about the job and again I replied “No”.
    She then tells me the next step is, HR will contact me with a decision.
    And just like that, I was escorted out the door and left in suspense.
    These interviews were both done on a Friday. This means, I will go the whole weekend in suspense and loosing sleep wondering if I got the job.
    I want this job so bad that I don’t even want to eat till I hear from them.
    Anyway, that has been my experience with a BrightHouse interview.
    I will update this post as soon as I hear from them.

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