British Airways Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at British Airways

Hopefuls can apply online to begin the hiring process. Managers typically contact promising candidates within a few weeks of completing an application. Some British Airways jobs require additional interviews and exams.

Different Steps in the British Airways Interview Process

Virtual Assessment

The British Airways application begins with a series of online tests. These usually involve watching informative videos and answering multiple-choice questions. Those who pass the exam receive an invitation to interview at the British Airways recruitment center.

In-Person Meeting

During the job interview, hopefuls meet with a manager to discuss the position. They also perform a height and reach test if required. Soon after, successful candidates could get a formal offer to take on the role.

Typical Questions in British Airways Interviews

What Will the Hiring Staff Ask?

Interviewers ask a lot of questions to determine if an applicant is right for the job. Some of the most common include:

Be Calm, Confident, and Clear

Prepare to Respond

Speaking comfortably and confidently will impress the hiring staff in a British Airways job interview. Practice responses to ensure you are able to give a straightforward answer. How you talk to managers is just as important as what you say to them.

How to Dress for a British Airways Interview

What Should You Wear to the Meeting?

Dressing professionally is a must for British Airways interviews. The company strongly encourages interviewees to dress in business attire. A suit with a tie is perfect for men, while women should wear a knee-length skirt, button-up jacket, and plain blouse.

When the Hiring Process is Complete

Extensive Training

The airline offers in-depth instruction for all new employees. Courses cover topics such as communication skills, uniform, appearance, and teamwork. Workers can ask any questions they have during this training session.


  • Michael says:

    i would love to work in to your airline industry, meet people go places, help people enjoy their flights…encountering different cultures…hmmm

  • Linet omuga says:

    I wish you could give me a chance to work with British Airways. I would love to be a cabin crew member in your company.
    Please help me.


    I want to work for the british airways want to go to england and to see new places and to enjoy my job whatever I am going to do

  • Gillian Wanyama A says:

    I wish you could give me a chance to work with British Airways. I would love to be a cabin crew member in your company.

  • Daniel Wight says:

    i am 15 and currently still in school and i am attending the work experience at british airways as im hoping to achieve the best i can and to hopefully become a pilot

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