Brookshire’s Job Interview Questions & Tips

Brookshire's Entry-Level Hiring Process Overview

Entry-level job seekers with the grocery store chain spend far less time in the interview process, with the average applicant sitting through a one-on-one interview lasting no more than 30 to 40 minutes. In some cases, the entry-level hiring process may only last two days. Two weeks generally proves the longest amount of time any entry-level job hopeful spends vying for a particular position.

What to Expect as a Managerial Candidate

Although Brookshire's interview sessions for careers in management last roughly the same amount of time as job interviews for entry-level positions, applicants field far more questions and attend multiple interviews. An applicant may attend three or four job interviews for management roles during the hiring process.

Researching the Company

Hiring managers often ask applicants about company knowledge. Research the company and learn about Brookshire's locations, products, services, and company culture. After researching the chain, prepare intelligent questions to ask the interviewer. Important topics to ask about include training programs, advancement opportunities, and job requirements. Creating interview questions of your own shows an interest in the job as well as a desire to move up in the company. Before sitting down for the interview, dress professional and bring a current resume.

Specific Interview Questions

One of the first topics Brookshire's hiring managers generally ask about includes personal interests. Interview sessions regularly lead off with: "Tell me a little about yourself." Management may also ask interview questions about the specific department desired, with inquiries like : "Do you have any experience working with a meat slicer?", "How well can you spot spoiled produce?", or "Does your customer service background include working with unruly or disgruntled customers?"

How to Get a Job at Brookshire's

Demonstrate a winning personality and exhibit a positive attitude and approachable demeanor. Overall, show professionalism and enthusiasm for any desired job. The retailer operates as a regional chain with more than 150 locations and consistently hires on new workers to maintain operations. The supermarket chain keeps applicant information on file for months at a time. Workers who do not gain employment via the Brookshire's hiring process may still receive phone calls to schedule job interviews at later dates, regardless of determinations made in the hiring process.


  • Emily says:

    Dress nice for the first interview, leave the suit and tie at home, though.

    As long as you’re still in high school, college or even a degree holder, you can work at Brookshire’s.

    They will always ask how you would define customer service, so be prepared.

    Depending on the Brookshire’s location, they will most likely start you out at minimum wage and you’ll have to work hard for a raise, since they are not easily given. I personally wouldn’t recommend asking about salary expectations in the first interview.

    Brookshire’s does drug test and they can go as far back as they feel necessary. So don’t do drugs, if you do, don’t apply here.

    If the interviewer liked you, they will call you back usually within a week, that’s when you’ll find out if you have a second interview, the job, or when you’ll find out the position has already been filled, so be patient.

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