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Specialty retailer Brookstone employs teams of entry-level associates and experienced managers at each store within a nationwide network of more than 300 locations. Each year, the retail chain opens between 10 and 15 new stores, which then need to hire workers to fill the newly created jobs. Established store locations also carry out hiring to replace outgoing employees on a regular basis.

Facts About Working at Brookstone

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Brookstone?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Seasonal Assistant Manager, Seasonal Manager, Assistant Store Sales Manager, Store Sales Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, Product Distribution Coordinator, District Sales Manager, District Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Brookstone Job Opportunities

Brookstone store associates and managers enjoy frequent opportunities to interact with customers and work with unique, innovative products not commonly found at other retail chains. Entry-level employees generally work as sales or stock associates and take responsibility for assisting shoppers, organizing and replenishing merchandise, and cleaning the store. Previous retail experience often proves helpful, though not necessary, in securing entry-level employment. The specialty retailer frequently hires inexperienced workers to fill entry-level jobs and offers generous pay, flexible hours, and opportunities for promotions leading to career advancement.

While job seekers with limited work histories often still qualify for entry-level positions, careers in retail management typically demand multiple years of related experience. Brookstone fills management positions either full-time or seasonally, with each location maintaining a managerial chain of command ranging from second assistant up to the store sales manager. In addition to serving customers and supervising entry-level crew members, managers fulfill numerous functions pertaining to the business operations and financial wellbeing of the store. Each manager enjoys an attractive hourly pay rate or annual salary as well as access to several employment benefits.

Brookstone Employment and Salary Information

Brookstone sometimes hires high school students to fill certain entry-level jobs, while management positions typically feature an age minimum of 18 years and require applicants to demonstrate a track record of success and increased responsibility in the retail industry. Qualified candidates may apply online for the following job titles:

Sales Associate

  • As indicated by the job title, sales associates primarily work on the sales floor of store locations and encourage shoppers to make purchases.
  • The entry-level position involves a combination of customer service and merchandising responsibilities.
  • Sales team members use selling skills and techniques to engage shoppers, identify the needs of customers, and achieve individual goals regarding the amount of merchandise sold within a given time frame.
  • Additional job duties include processing customer purchases at the cash register, keeping the sales floor organized, and cleaning the store.
  • Sales associate jobs require employees to learn about and demonstrate knowledge of all Brookstone products and services.
  • The position features pay rates generally hovering between $8.00 and $10.00 an hour.

Stock Room Associate

  • Stock room associates mainly work behind the scenes and handle the receipt and organization of merchandise shipments.
  • Job duties range from unloading cartons of merchandise and separating products by category to replenishing the sales floor with new items and maintaining stockroom cleanliness.
  • Stock associates must possess solid organizational skills, as the position entails the accurate recording of inventory logs and bin labels.
  • Hourly pay for stock room workers typically ranges from minimum wage to $9.00 per hour.


  • Driving storewide sales and controlling expenses serve as two of the most important managerial responsibilities.
  • Managers also develop effective sales teams by identifying and hiring entry-level workers capable of successfully selling to customers.
  • Other job duties include scheduling and supervising work shifts, overseeing the presentation of merchandise on the sales floor, and training employees to provide the highest quality customer service possible.
  • Applicants interested in management positions generally need to have two to five years of work experience in the retail industry, with some of the experience classified as supervisory in nature.
  • Prospective managers must also remain available to work on weekends.
  • Managerial pay scales start between $10.00 and $12.00 an hour for second assistant managers and increase to $40,000 or $50,000 in annual salary for store sales managers.

Tips For Applying

To gain hiring consideration for Brookstone jobs, candidates must either apply online or in person. When applying in person, applicants should wear professional attire and ask to hand the application form directly to the store manager in charge of hiring. If given the opportunity, candidates should give a brief summary of personal qualifications and concisely explain the reasons for pursuing the particular job when handing over the application in person. Both online and in-person applicants should also make sure to indicate the ability to work various days and shifts, if possible, as retail managers generally prefer to hire job seekers with flexible schedules over candidates with limited availability.

Application Status

Brookstone managers often interview and hire applicants quickly, especially for seasonal positions. Candidates still waiting to hear back about a submitted application, however, should consider following up with the appropriate store after a week or two. When following up, either over the phone or in person, applicants should speak specifically with the manager responsible for hiring new workers and ask about the status of the submitted application in a polite and professional manner. Follow-up contact should also reaffirm eagerness and desire for the job. Candidates opting to follow up in person should make sure to exhibit confidence, enthusiasm, and professionalism when visiting the store.

Benefits of Working at Brookstone

In addition to offering competitive hourly pay rates or yearly salary options to each associate, Brookstone extends an assortment of employment benefits to eligible workers. Qualified employees take advantage of:

  • Ample paid time off
  • Comprehensive medical coverage, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans featuring matching contributions from the company.

Workers also enjoy a generous discount on the unique and innovative merchandise available in store.

Additional Information on Brookstone

Founded in 1965, Brookstone initially operated as a catalog business specializing in tools rarely found at mainstream retail stores. In 1973, the success of the catalog led to the opening of the first store location in New Hampshire. Decades of continued growth saw the retail chain expand into a nationwide network of more than 300 stores. The specialty retailer establishes stores primarily in upscale shopping malls, lifestyle centers, and airports across the country. No longer just a retailer of tools out of catalogs, the chain of stores offers distinctively innovative products in categories like electronics, furniture, massage, outdoor living, games and toys, travel, and personalized gifts.

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