Brookstone Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Tips for Entry-Level Applicants

The Brookstone interview process for entry-level sales associates generally consists of a one-on-one question and answer session with a store manager. Before the interview, learn as much as possible about the company. Expect to answer, "What do you know about Brookstone?" The retail chain may also ask prospective employees random questions about merchandise as well as general inquiries into retail sales, product stocking, and customer service, such as: "How do you deal with upset or challenging customers?" Prepare comprehensive, thoughtful answers for every interview question. Engaging and personable individuals perform best during the hiring process, overall, especially for positions heavily involved in customer service.

Hiring Tips for Managers

The hiring process for managers varies slightly at Brookstone locations. Workers may interview as many as two or three times, which represents the main difference between what entry-level job seekers encounter versus career professionals. Managerial hopefuls also interview with corporate managers, who generally take the form of district or area managers. A regular part of the hiring process for managers includes selling random items, on-the-spot, on the sales floor during an interview. Managers also respond to questions about previous leadership experience and specifics about supervising entry-level workers and daily operations.

How to Get a Job at Brookstone

Brookstone interviews consist primarily of basic questions covering work history, skills, and availability. Applicants possessing open availability to work nights and weekends may gain additional consideration during the hiring process. The popular retail chain looks for outgoing and approachable associates. The interviewer typically asks a number of questions designed to gauge the personality of an applicant during hiring sessions. Demonstrate a friendly attitude and the ability to provide superior customer service. Expect to answer a number of questions about sales, as well. Answer questions honestly and to the best of your ability. At the end of the interview session, workers may receive job offers or the cue to await contact from a hiring manager at a later date for final determinations.


  • Former Employee says:

    When I worked for a Brookstone seasonal 2 years ago as an assistant manager I made $12/hr and I believe sales associates made around $9, but I worked in a higher income mall and they adjust for that; I believe that regular or lower income malls paid $10/hr and $8/hr respectively. You also get a bonus if you sell a tempurpedic mattress or a massage chair (they don’t tend to sell chairs at the seasonals). Hope this helped

  • Melody says:

    what should i wear to this interview ?

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