Bruster’s Ice Cream Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bruster's Ice Cream

In Bruster's Ice Cream interviews, hiring managers look for applicants possessing communication skills and outgoing personalities. Successful applicants should exhibit these traits along with strong work ethics. Managers also look for applicants with knowledge about the company. Perform some research prior to each interview to learn about company history, positions within the company, and items sold. After your research, think of some important questions to ask the interviewer. Preparing your own questions demonstrates professionalism and an interest in the position.

Submitting Applications and Attending Interviews

Applicants generally gain hiring consideration by first putting in the necessary forms at a local Bruster's Ice Cream shop and then participating in onsite interviews. Hiring managers usually only need one interview to determine applicant eligibility. Most job interviews play out informally, with hiring personnel asking very basic and candid questions to gain insight into applicant personalities and views of the potential position. Bruster's Ice Cream interview questions address availability, work history, education, and job skills. "Why do you want to work here?" and "What hours would you be available to work?" represent two commonly asked interview questions. Another common interview question, "What kind of ice cream would you be?" appears in the interview process to bring out fun-loving personalities, which the ice cream shop typically favors above all traits.

Confidence and Attire

Maintain a confident demeanor throughout all Bruster's interviews. Show confidence, sit up straight, speak with assurance, and maintain comfortable eye contact with the interviewer. Arrive early, excited, and ready to interact in pleasant manners for each interview wearing business-casual attire or formal clothing. Love of ice cream helps aspiring team members gain favor during the hiring process; however, candidates with exceptional customer service skills and attention to detail often receive even further consideration from the ice cream chain. The interview process takes less than a day, in most cases. Applicants should receive notice of formal job offers by the end of the conclusive interview.


  • musah.D says:

    l am a manager of an ice cream store and mixs will like to have some interview questions to ask my new coming staffs and example of application forms to be given to them thanks

  • Richelle says:

    Im in 8th grade, I know what your thinking, pretty young huh?
    But next year I will be turning 14 and wondering how young they hire.
    I really want to get a job here at Brusters because I like to work in fun atmospehers and meet and greet new people! (: I think I can do this job because even though I don’t have any experience working I think I am mature enough to handle working and going to school at the same time. If anybody has any tips, opinions, or suggestions

  • Aziza Parland says:

    Hello I’m 17 and in college, plus need a job, now I don’t have a lot of work experience, but for some reason I always thought that Brusters was the coolest job, I just had a couple of questions: what to expect at the interview, what do they ask, what should someone wear or how should they dress, what education level (high school or college) is required? Do you get free food (sandwich, burger, drinks, etc) or lunch if you work there?

    Thank you.

  • ja'Nae says:

    Im am 14 and turning 15 in October im graduating from 8th grade going to 9th grade so im worndeing if i could stili get the job.

  • shelby says:

    hey my name’s shelby. i have an interview tommorw i was just wondering what i should wear?

  • Kayla says:

    How old do you have to be to work at Bruster’s?

  • katty smo says:

    I am wondering how would you answer to the questions “what do you know about our products?” and “how would you define customer service?” and “why do you want this job?” thanks

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