Buckle Interview Questions & Tips

General Hiring Process Information

The typical Buckle candidate goes through two face-to-face interviews during the hiring process. Hiring personnel administers the job interviews in 1:1 formats. Applicants sit with store managers on two different occasions, with each interview lasting up to 20 minutes.

Typical Retail Interview Questions

The first Buckle job interview involves very basic and general questions, like: Why do you want to work here?, "Do you regularly shop at Buckle?", "Would you say your personal style reflects Buckle clothing?", and "Can you tell me a little about your work history?" Moving on to the second Buckle interview, applicants respond to more situational interview questions, such as, "How would you approach someone to make a sale?" or "Have you ever failed at something? How did you bounce back?"

What to Expect in each Interview

Based on answers to interview questions, job seekers either fall in good standing with hiring managers or receive formal dismissal from the hiring process. Most interviews carry very informal, conversational tones. Applicants should possess laidback and easygoing personalities as well as strong interest in fashion and customer service. Employees usually wear clothing lines sold in-store while on-the-job. Applicants should also strive to wear Buckle clothing during the hiring process, or at least tailor outfits to reflect similar styles and fashion sense as the nationwide retail chain. Following question-and-answer sessions, applicants receive job offers or contact from a manager within the following week with formal offers.

Buckle Sales Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Buckle Sales Associate: I was a sales associate, so basically I would just be at the front of the store to greet people. And also, a major part of working at Buckle is sales. It’s a lot different than being a sales associate at another store in the mall. It’s very commission-based, so you’re there to sell product. They really push you about approaching people, and not just standing around and waiting for someone to ask you a question. So, I would have to come up to people, and be like, “Hi, are you looking for anything specific?” Then if they were looking for something specific, I would have to go, run around, try to find them an outfit for whatever they were looking for. If not, I would still have to go around and find something and suggest the look at it, just because everything at Buckle is very sales-driven.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Buckle Sales Associate: Definitely fast-paced. You don’t want to lose the customer’s attention, when you run to the back room to get something. You don’t want to see that they left because they were sick of waiting.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Buckle Sales Associate: I applied online, then I got an email saying that they were interested in an interview. Then, I went to the mall, had an interview with them. It was in the courtyard area. It wasn’t an intense interview by any means, but I was definitely dressed up for it and looked the part of a sales associate that would work at Buckle.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Buckle Sales Associate: A lot of it had to do with guest service, since that’s exactly what Buckle is looking for – guest interaction and being top-notch. I think they also wanted to see that you had a very outgoing, friendly personality, since it’s so much guest interaction.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Buckle Sales Associate: I would say definitely just be ready to be on your feet a lot, running around. You’re constantly running around, looking for different clothes for people, for someone to see what they would like. Be ready kind of for rejection. When you present someone with an article of clothing, they might not like it, and some people, customers, don’t need to be nice to you, and they’ll just turn you down right away. Be ready for that. So, for someone that’s applying or about to work, because clothes are known for being very fashionable, and I would definitely wear something cute if you’re a girl. I remember I wore a Fossil watch, because they sell Fossil watches there. Just look the part of someone that shops at bottle, and then when you work there, you’re going to be wearing their clothes. Just look the part of the clothes they sell.


  • austi scott says:

    Had an interview today with the buckle. I wore a buckle dressy top and a lace blazer, buckle jeans tucked into high heeled boots and several accessories. The interview was done on the sales floor and I was asked to wait about 15 minutes before the interview. This was okay as I LOVE shopping! :] I was happy and energetic and shook hands at the beginning and end of the interview. I was called about 20 minutes after the interview to schedule a second one on wednesday. Hopefully it goes well!! :]

    • Gabriella says:

      Did you get the job?

  • Ivana says:

    What should I ask them specifically when the employer or manager asks me if i have any questions?

  • Rock says:

    Does the Buckle drug test?

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