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A popular name in fashion, Burberry provides ideal opportunities for industry professionals to find meaningful jobs. The retailer and distributor also hires on entry-level associates at the store level in order to carry out basic stock and customer service duties. A chain of nearly 500 locations worldwide comprises the vast network of retail stores for the fashion house.

Facts About Working at Burberry

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Burberry?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Key Holder, Assistant Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Account Executive, Asset and Profit Protection Operations Manager, Assistant Buyer, Client Services Consultant, Customer Care Consultant, Customer Operations Specialist, Inventory Control Manager, Office Support Associate, Personal Shopper, Retail Facilities Manager, Shipping and Receiving Clerk, Visual Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Burberry Employment Opportunities

Burberry began operations overseas in England in the mid-1850s. Eventually, the fashion house grew internationally and reached worldwide acclaim. The widespread prominence of the brand creates unique job opportunities for individuals seeking work in the fashion industry. Positions available offer an inside look into a multibillion-dollar corporate atmosphere, with employment available in multiple facets of business, including distribution, design, retail, and marketing.

The most widely available job opportunities include positions within each retail store. Burberry conducts hiring for part-time and full-time jobs on a regular basis. Applicants must possess some familiarity with fashion in general and specific merchandise lines sold by the prominent chain. The fashion company encourages prospective employees to hold serviceable sales skills and excellent customer service abilities. Paid training, competitive pay scales, and access to discounts and work benefits remain integral parts of available jobs, as well.

Burberry Jobs and Salary Information

Despite minimum hiring ages set forth by many other fashion houses, Burberry provides opportunities for job seekers to find employment as young as 16 years old. The lowered age minimums remain ideal for college and high school students looking to assume part-time jobs. Full-time opportunities also remain readily available for motivated, fashionable workers. The fashion retailer needs to hire for the following jobs:

Sales Associate

  • Workers looking for sales associate positions often find widespread access to part-time and full-time opportunities.
  • The entry-level job serves ideal for enthusiastic and brand-aware individuals who take personal interests in fashion.
  • Job duties typically range from greeting patrons and suggesting merchandise to providing access to fitting rooms, ringing up purchases, handling returns, and maintaining the appearances of store locations.
  • The ability to work as part of a team plays an integral role in gaining work as a sales associate.
  • Applicants should also possess some familiarity with Microsoft Word applications and Macintosh operating systems.
  • High fashion sense and tastes in style also go under review during the hiring process.
  • Potential sales associates generally encounter pay scales well above minimum wage, with base hourly rates sitting at $12.00 and rising to $14.00 or $15.00 with experience.


  • Positions available predominantly to women, host/hostess jobs represent entry-level customer service employment opportunities consisting primarily of greeting customers, recommending products and services, and attending to guest needs at all times.
  • In most cases, host/hostess associates share responsibilities with sales associates.
  • Personable and trendy attitudes rank high among desirable traits sought after in the hiring process.
  • Burberry employment recruiters often recommend candidates possess the ability to speak two or more languages fluently, as international patronage remains a regular occurrence at any given retail location.
  • Hourly pay starts out around $10.00 or so and increases with experience to $13.00 or $14.00.


  • Store supervisor, sales lead, and floor lead positions represent available managerial careers with the prominent brand.
  • Applicants with a minimum of one to two years of related experience in management or retail sales often qualify for available management jobs.
  • Positions in store supervision generally require additional experience, with recommended work histories including as much as four years of proven and related familiarity.
  • Hand-held mobile skills and experience using Macintosh operating systems also benefits prospective candidates.
  • Primary job duties of managers include supervising and coaching entry-level staff, catering to patron needs, organizing workdays and scheduling product shipments/orders, processing payroll, voiding erroneous transactions, and overseeing opening and closing procedures.
  • A typical sales lead or floor lead worker earns between $12.00 and $15.00 per hour.
  • Store supervisors enjoy hefty annual salary options topping out as high as $80,000.

Tips For Applying

Burberry allows applicants to apply online using social media to assist in filling out necessary documentation. Applicants select from Facebook or LinkedIn to share information with the online application platform accessible through the company website and careers page. Once selected, the website pulls information from applicant social media pages and automatically fills in basic information on the hiring forms. Workers then create profiles by submitting emails and generating personal passwords to access the online application platform at later dates. Potential employees may stop the application at any time to return later or to check on the application status.

Application Status

Using the personal profiles created during the application process, applicants may check on the status of hiring forms and job status at any time. By logging in, workers may see if hiring officials reviewed application documents. Burberry often sends confirmation emails to the contact information provided on the hiring forms after receiving the employment documents. A typical candidate receives some form of review within a few days of submitting the required materials. In total, applicants generally spend about a week going through necessary procedures to gain employment. Some positions in stock or management require additional screening, which may extend the process up to three or four weeks.

Benefits of Working at Burberry

Burberry often serves as a platform for industry professionals looking to gain experience with a renowned fashion firm. Upon hire, entry-level associates receive access to career opportunities through paid training and ongoing professional development. Competitive hourly pay scales remain a large draw to work for the international fashion house, as well. Individuals in full-time positions, typically in managerial roles or corporate careers, also receive employment benefits packages. Work benefits may vary by position and tenure with the company; however, available perks often include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Life insurance, and
  • Sizeable discounts on merchandise and services

More Information on Burberry

In 2008, the fashion house created a charitable entity called The Burberry Foundation. The non-profit organization benefits young persons around the world in the form of youth mentorship and afterschool programs. Communities housing Burberry stores may submit applications to join the foundation and create local mentoring programs to aid surrounding cities, suburbs, and locales. The company website claims the foundation reaches almost 45,000 youths worldwide. Funding stems from personal donations made by supporters and employees.

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