Burberry Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Burberry

The Burberry hiring process often involves a combination of group, panel, and 1:1 interviews. Some applicants interviewing for Burberry jobs start out in a group session before moving on to a one-on-one interview, while others simply meet with one or two hiring managers individually. Ask the hiring manager which format to expect when scheduling the interview in order to properly prepare.

Typical Timetables

Depending on the current staffing levels of the store, managers sometimes take as long as six months to look over submitted applicant information and set up job interviews. The Burberry interview process frequently includes multiple rounds and generally lasts between two and six weeks.

Frequently Covered Subjects

Typically conducted by a general manager or assistant general manager, and sometimes both, Burberry interviews feature basic questions often varying by store location and job title desired. Most interviewees handle inquiries about personal strengths and weaknesses, sales skills, specific interest in working for the retail chain. Hiring managers frequently want to see that potential associates possess proven track records in retail and commonly ask for specific selling techniques used and sales figures achieved at previous jobs.

Other subjects covered include work experience, education, and availability. In addition to answering basic interview questions, candidates regularly need to give examples of how to handle difficult situations as Burberry employees. "What would you do if you were talking to a longtime regular customer and a new customer interrupted with a question?" represents the type of query interviewers often like to ask.

Dress and Behavior

As a luxury fashion label, Burberry maintains high standards regarding the attire and look of employees. Job seekers should adhere to the same standards when dressing for interviews and wear fashionable, dressy clothing appropriate for an upscale retail environment. Come to the interview equipped with extensive knowledge of the brand and a few job-related questions to ask at the end. When fielding interview questions about specific past experiences, fully describe the challenge faced, the actions taken, and the positive outcome achieved. Use each response as an opportunity to demonstrate how your experience and skills fulfill the hiring needs of each store. At the conclusion of the interview, show gratitude for the opportunity to meet with the hiring manager. Management typically makes offers of employment about two weeks after the final interview in the hiring process.

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