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Burger King pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Burger King Application

Modern technology allows job seekers to apply for work using online hiring platforms for a growing majority of fast food restaurants and retail stores. However, workers looking to gain competitive edges over other candidates should consider printing out and filling in employment forms by hand to secure jobs. Downloading the PDF version of the Burger King application provides individuals the ability to take as much time as necessary to complete the documents and personally submit the requests.

Managers often favor workers who take the initiative to meet in person. The gesture shows motivation for gaining employment and demonstrates a serious attitude toward work. Applicants may use the time spent handing in the form to ask managers about potential duties, opportunities for advancement, typical work settings, and other information about available positions not offered through online job descriptions. Turning in a paper Burger King application also affords employment hopefuls the ability to express gratitude for the opportunity and touch on preferred methods of follow up. Some applicants may even participate in interviews on the spot.

How to Fill out the Burger King PDF Application

The application asks prospective team members to fill out the forms in blue or black ink to avoid smudging or blotching and to provide permanency. Workers should go through the document slowly and gather the information requested prior to filling in any data fields. If an applicant makes a mistake, the potential candidate should use whiteout to erase the error or print out a new form and begin again. Handing in messy forms with erroneous marks may lead to dismissal from applicant pools.

Burger King applicants begin the form with basic contact information, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and telephone numbers. Workers must also indicate age over 18, if applicable, and legal right to work in the United States. A brief disclaimer informs candidates of the possibility hiring managers may ask for proof of age and citizenship.

Following the section designated for contact information, workers fill in data fields regarding academic backgrounds. The Burger King PDF asks about schools most recently attended and leaves blank spaces for candidates to provide the names, locations, and phone numbers of the institutions. Small check boxes sit below the lines for school name and location asking about graduation. Indicate status as graduated or last grade level completed. Workers may also indicate if still enrolled in the schools disclosed.

“Work Experience”
The fast food chain also asks aspiring employees for information detailing work histories, including three recent positions held. Beginning with the most recent job and working backwards, applicants must provide specific information about the company names, addresses, phone numbers, supervisors, rates of pay, reasons for leaving, and dates employed. Individuals without real work histories may divulge information about volunteer positions; however, the volunteer work should somehow relate to working in the fast food industry.

Prior to finishing out the printable hiring form, each job hopeful must complete a general information section asking about preferred hours, availability, previous history working for the burger chain, any terminations or formal discharges by past employers, and criminal histories. Applicants with criminal charges on personal records or previous terminations must explain the incidents in the spaces provided. Regarding availability, applicants need to fill out the chart located in the lower right-hand corner of the document offering spaces for availability each day of the week. The section also asks for total hours available weekly.

“Disclaimer and Signature”
The final portion of the downloadable document offers a disclaimer stressing the legal ramifications of providing untruthful or misleading information on the application. Workers must sign off on the waiver to complete the form and certify the data submitted stands as accurate as possible. Additional information signifying the difference between employment with Burger King Corporation as opposed to an independent franchise may also appear during the disclaimer portion of the PDF application. Applicants sign the forms on the bottom line provided and enter the date to authorize the information.