Burger King Manager

Burger King Manager Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a Burger King Manager Do?

Burger King managers preside over restaurant locations. Job duties range from hiring and training new employees to taking inventory and placing food orders. Additional job responsibilities include filling out paperwork, answering phone calls, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Do They Have Other Responsibilities?

Burger King managers also inherit some marketing and advertising responsibilities. Training for Burger King managers generally involves a week-long process consisting of audio, visual, and hands-on orientation. In some cases, training may last up to two or three weeks, depending on Burger King location and worker experience prior to hiring.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

Average starting salary options for Burger King managers fall around $33k per year. More experienced Burger King managers may earn an annual salary up to $58k. Pay rates generally depend upon location and experience. Career professionals working for Burger King may also qualify for several employment benefits.

Additional Job Benefits

Eligible management associates gain access to generous work benefits, such as paid time off, healthcare coverage, insurance options, and 401(k) retirement plans. Discounts on food and access to special promotions also exist for Burger King managers. Availability and eligibility of job benefits may vary by Burger King location.


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Burger King Assistant Manager Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Burger King Assistant Manager: I’m an assistant manager. I’m a closing manager. I do end of the day paperwork, the whole team thing – setting up the floor, from food prep on – and anything else I can do to help.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Burger King Assistant Manager: Typical day… sometimes, you get pandemonium, but generally, we come straight in, do administrative, do the team prep, get the shift worked up to go do the floor. Everything’s customers; it’s all about the customers. If it’s unpleasant, it has to go on. It’ll be addressed immediately.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Burger King Assistant Manager: They wanted to know why I wanted to do it, why they should pick me to do it, and what I could bring to them as a manager to the team.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Burger King Assistant Manager: When you first start at the bottom, stop, look, and listen. Just respect the ranks and accept what you can’t change if you’re looking for more.

Burger King Opening Manager Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Burger King Opening Manager: I was an opening manager, so I got there about five or six o’ clock in the morning. Basically, counted down the drawers and got the employees ready.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Burger King Opening Manager: Fast paced, especially the one I was at, which is in Strongsville. So, it’s really busy all the time, so no time to slack.

Interviewer: Did you earn any benefits or other job perks?
Burger King Opening Manager: Definitely got a pay raise, which was nice. Then, of course, managers got free food, which wasn’t a perk, but you didn’t have to scrounge for change.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Burger King Opening Manager: Actually, mine wasn’t an interview process. I worked there for about six years, and managers just came up and asked, “Do you want to try management?”, and I said “Sure.”

Interviewer: Describe the advancement opportunities for someone starting out?
Burger King Opening Manager: For me, it was pretty easy. I just started out a crew member, then they advanced me pretty quick. As long as you show up for work and do your job, you can do whatever you want.

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