Cabela’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Cabela's

Cabela's operates as one of the most famous names in outdoors and sporting goods and maintains around 45 massive storefronts across the United States. The sheer enormity of locations requires hundreds of employees for each store. Hiring processes screen for new and motivated workers and determine eligibility for jobs like cashier, sales associate, and even careers in management. The hiring process often includes phone interviews and face-to-face interviews with store personnel. While some positions may require up to a month of interviewing, the average entry-level job available only requires a few days to a week to gain employment.

Panel Interviews

An assistant manager or manager typically conducts Cabela's interviews as one-on-one question-and-answer sessions. Panel interviews also sometimes take place for managerial jobs and may include up to three managers on interview panels. Expect interview questions covering work history, job skills, availability, and interest in the company.

Do Your Research

Study up before Cabela's interviews to learn information on company history, position desired, and products sold. Depending on the job applied for, an interviewer may test your knowledge of hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoors-related topics, as well. Interviewers often ask applicants about knowledge of the company and the sporting goods industry in general.

Examples of Interview Questions

Specific Cabela's interview questions include inquiries like: "Can you describe a challenging moment in your life and how you got through it?", "Would you be able to handle large crowds?", and "What parts of your personality would you say need work and why?"

Tips for Dress and Behavior

Unofficial dress codes for Cabela's interviews may allow applicants to wear more sport-oriented apparel. However, job hopefuls should still consider wearing more business-appropriate clothing. Answer interview questions honestly and with a positive spin. Confidently provide thoughtful and concise responses. Maintain proper eye contact with the interviewer and speak in a calm, clear voice. Most importantly, showcase a friendly personality and helpful manner. At the end of each interview, managers may allow applicants to ask questions about the company or potential job. Use the opportunity to demonstrate interest in a career or genuinely express professional intents. Ask questions about advancement opportunities, training programs, and company culture. Finally, at the conclusion of the interview, reiterate interest in the job and offer a firm handshake.


  • Cindy G says:

    Cabela’s is not a sporting goods store. It is an outdoor outfitting store for people who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle such as camping, hunting, fishing etc. They carry a large line of wader and hiking boots and serious walking shoes. Not a lot of runners or sports type footwear. They do have an extensive boat department from kayaks, canoes to motor boats. I am a recent hire, and after applying online it didn’t take more then a week to be notified of my interview time. If you are applying to a new store that isn’t open yet you will be likely processed through a production line interview process that includes filling in a paper version of the online application; so make sure you have your information copied down and take it with you so your data will be the same on both applications. If it is a mass hire, after your interview you will be either taken to another area to complete a drug test via a mouth swab (a good indication that you will be hired); or walked to the exit door and thanked for your time. If the store is existing already I am not sure how the process will proceed but always feel free to contact the HR (human resources) department at the store after about a week to ask if they would like any additional information about you that would help them select you for an interview. It’s all about getting in front of a real person. Cabela’s is a very enthusiatic and fun company to work for. They are very accomodating to their staff but expect integrity, honesty and 150% from their employees. We recently had a paper airplane contest to try and land the plane in a fishing net to win a metal detector…one guy made it!! If you truly wish to work for Cabela’s not for just a job but for a place you can look forward to going into every day then stick with it and remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Good Luck!

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