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Founded in the early 1990s, California Family Fitness operates an award-winning chain of health clubs, with prevalence throughout the Golden Gate State. Applicants seeking PT, customer service, or general entry-level jobs often find viable employment options with the prominent fitness center.

Facts About Working at California Family Fitness

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at California Family Fitness?)

Available Positions: Front Desk Attendant, Membership Consultant, Child Care Attendant, Certified Personal Trainer, Club Maintenance Associate, Sales Manager, Fitness Manager, Operations Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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California Family Fitness Job Opportunities

Located exclusively in the Greater Sacramento area, the chain of fitness clubs caters to families looking for affordable and inclusive environments safe for adults and children alike. A network of close to 20 gyms creates highly accessible opportunities for families to purchase and use memberships regularly and without hassle. Expansion throughout the region and excellent records of service and staff generate widespread popularity and the need to hire on new help as the chain continues to grow. Workers primarily find fitness and customer service-oriented jobs available, with opportunities to move into managerial roles over time. The upbeat and friendly atmospheres of California Family Fitness locations require both knowledgeable and approachable individuals able to motivate patrons and establish lasting and meaningful relationships with members.

Unlike retail stores, fitness clubs require close physical contact with guests and direct involvement in the personal lives of customers. Workers must understand the basics of fitness and take passionate interest in athletics, wellness, and weight loss in order to gain employment, regardless of position desired. Employees cater to guest needs to create supportive and motivating settings conducive to health and fitness. Most jobs available require manual labor. Educational backgrounds and experience factor into hiring decisions for a variety of positions, as well. Physical trainers need to hold accredited certifications in order to work with the general public prior to employment, while managers need at least high school-equivalent educations and work histories related to the fitness industry or sports management.

California Family Fitness Job Opportunities and Salary Information

Workers generally come in close contact and directly affect the overall health and wellbeing of customers on a daily basis. Due to the potential risks and seriousness associated with most available jobs, California Family Fitness sets the minimum hiring age for employment consideration at 18 years of age. Upon hire, associates enjoy ongoing and paid training, free or discounted memberships, and opportunities to advance up managerial and corporate ladders. Some of the most accessible fitness jobs available with the chain sit listed below:

Personal Trainer

  • Personal trainer jobs represent intensive yet rewarding employment opportunities featuring monthly salary options ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 a year, depending on abilities, caseload, and experience.
  • Applicants must stand certified by professional boards in order to gain employment, including full instruction in AED, First Aid, and CPR.
  • Most job duties center on coaching and mentoring members, creating fitness plans, and demonstrating athletic exercises and techniques.
  • Personal trainers may also provide guidance and mentorship regarding diet and nutrition.
  • Scheduling usually relies on rapports with customers and varies week to week; however, personal trainers regularly work nights and weekends.

Information about becoming a personal trainer.

Club Maintenance Associate

  • An entry-level position offering part-time and/or full-time scheduling, club maintenance associate involves sanitation and facility upkeep at club locations.
  • Primary responsibilities include wiping down and inspecting exercise equipment, sweeping and mopping floors, racking weights, and answering questions about services and policies.
  • In addition to meeting minimum age requirements, workers must possess CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications.
  • Schedule availability also factors into hiring decisions, as club maintenance associates often work varied hours.
  • Starting pay hovers around $9.00 per hour.

Front Desk Attendant

  • Another entry-level job title offering part-time and full-time scheduling options, front desk attendant requires First Aid, CPR, and related certifications, strong customer service abilities, and experience using computers.
  • Workers greet patrons, scan membership cards, process paperwork, answer telephones, and clean and organize front desk areas.
  • Some sales acumen may prove necessary, as front desk employees explain facility services and promote membership plans.
  • On average, pay scales sit at minimum wage and rise to $10.00 or $11.00 hourly with experience.

Tips For Applying

Prior to employment, applicants should ensure personal qualifications align with the minimum requirements set forth by the health and fitness chain. Workers need to hold certifications in a variety of specific areas and enjoy working with the general public. Individuals without certifications may receive immediate dismissal or no serious review from hiring staff. The ability to work late nights may also come in handy for roles like club maintenance associate, as employees sometimes stay after hours to perform basic job duties.

Application Status

After submitting the online version of the application, each worker usually receives an email confirmation. The hiring process typically lasts only a week or so, with some former candidates completing the necessary procedures within a single day. California Family Fitness staff generally call prospective workers to schedule interviews. Workers may use the same means of communication to check on the statuses of applications. Email and in-person visits also remain acceptable methods of checking on hiring status. Wait at least two days to check back with the fitness center if no word comes during the first day. Repeated callbacks, visits, or emails may appear as desperate or pestering and reduce the likelihood of employment.

Benefits of Working at California Family Fitness

Regardless of position, the West Coast fitness club offers excellent work benefits beginning with free memberships for employees and dependents, competitive pay, and ongoing training upon hire. Eligible individuals also receive:

  • Medical
  • Dental and vision insurance plans
  • Roth IRA and 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Paid time off

Additional job benefits include access to monthly bonuses, employee assistance programs, birthday and work anniversary gifts, and free onsite childcare while at work.

Additional Information about California Family Fitness

The prominent Northern California health and fitness chain provides online access to memberships accounts allowing patrons to manage personal information and purchase new packages, if desired. Members may utilize the online platform by logging into personal MyiClub accounts created for each individual customer. The landing page provides links for guests to make payments, review policies, and check old billing statements. MyiClub remains compatible with standard PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.


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