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California’s Great America spans across 100 acres in Santa Clara, CA. The theme park, open from March through October, offers hours of entertainment and world-class family fun. Entry-level candidates apply for employment in order to partake in the adventure.

Facts About Working at California's Great America

Minimum Age to Work at California's Great America: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at California's Great America?)

California's Great America Hours of Operation: Open every day: 10:00am-8:00pm

Available Positions at California's Great America: Ticket Sales Agent, Customer Service Representative, Call Center Representative, Food Service Associate, Foods Warehouse Worker, Janitor, Landscaper, Lifeguard, Market Researcher, Landscaper, Office Clerk, Pool Technician, Ride Maintenance Mechanic, Ride Operator, Security Officer, Alarm Technician, Ride Electrician

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

California’s Great America Employment Opportunities

Originally operated by Marriott Corporation and then called Marriott’s Great America, the amusement park opened on May 20, 1976. The modern day California’s Great America functions as a subsidiary of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company since the acquisition of the park in 2006. Nearly 58 rides delight and enthrall guests, which makes the attraction an unforgettable experience. Customers enjoy rides, Boomerang Bay Water Park, Planet Snoopy, live entertainment, and special events. More terrifying each year, Halloween takes over the theme park every October. Employees prove essential to the daily functioning of such a large operation.

Dynamic, vibrant members of the amusement park work tirelessly to entertain guests for hours on end. Opportunities to fill seasonal openings typically come about in admissions, rides, security, merchandise, games, and guest services. Full-time career paths, particularly in fields such as accounting, human resources, marketing, and sales, work behind-the-scenes to satisfy business needs. Entertainers capable of delivering exciting performances enjoy theatrical positions as singers, dancers, costume characters, and show hosts, as well. The diversity of visitors requires team members able to efficiently communicate with varying ages, genders, and nationalities.

Career and Salary Information for California’s Great America

Positions relatively easy to secure require individuals able to create experiences guests remember for lifetimes. Minimally, candidates should stand at least 16 years of age, with certain openings requiring 18 year old applicants. Scheduling flexibility remains a must with weekdays, evenings, holidays, and overtime commonly requested. Entry-level opportunities for aspirants interested in working for the park may submit applications for job titles such as:

Ride Attendant

  • Candidates looking for careers in the amusement park industry often begin earning entry-level wages of $8.00 to $9.00 an hour as ride attendants.
  • With no previous experience mandatory, employees receive generous amounts of training upon placement.
  • Primarily, staff members operate rides and assist guests with boarding.
  • Upon ride completion, team members aid customers in exiting attractions.
  • The enforcement of all regulations and safety procedures stand as the responsibility of attendants.
  • Cleanliness for areas of the park remains highly essential, as well.
  • Team members represent the brand of the company and should expect to uphold fun, exciting atmospheres.

Admissions Associate

Admissions associates begin the experience for visitors by welcoming each and every adult and child into California’s Great America.  Job duties include:

  • Inviting guests into the park in courteous, efficient manners.
  • Entrance into the amusement park should remain safe and timely.
  • Employees must quickly handle problems before crowds get chaotic if issues arise.
  • While at the gate, workers sell and collect tickets upon entry as well as monitor the entrance and exit gates.
  • Some associates may handle season pass enrollment by gathering information from guests and issuing identification cards.
  • Other team members handle parking by receiving money and handing out information for vehicles.
  • No experience proves necessary to submit application forms, as training remains provided upon hire.
  • Pay rates of $8.00 to $9.00 per hour accompany entry-level admissions positions.

Costume Character

  • Enthusiastic individuals ready to perform for families enjoy fulfilling careers in entertainment with the theme park.
  • Employees portray Snoopy and the Peanuts characters while energetically creating environments filled with fun activities.
  • Representing the brand of the amusement park, costumed characters must audition to prove acting and dancing abilities.
  • While such traits generally improve the chances of gaining employment, workers do not need prior experience, as hiring personnel typically screen for friendly and upbeat demeanors above all other character traits.
  • Hourly wages begin at $9.00 and may extend upwards depending on how much interaction each individual role requires.
  • Typically, team members with speaking roles or without masks enjoy higher salary options.
  • Staff members must remain in character during entire shifts and partake in the enchanting atmospheres.

Tips For Applying

Each year, individuals seeking to gain occupations with California’s Great America fill out applications. New users must log into the online system by providing usernames and passwords. Profiles request usual application information, such as email addresses, contact information, previous experience, and education. Returning users log onto the system and update information to fit current attributes. Prospective workers find comprehensive lists of job titles and descriptions under seasonal, full-time, and entertainment categories. Aspirants may also submit resumes and cover letters to human resources through email in addition to standard applications.

Application Status

Seasonal opportunities require large pools of talented and determined applicants. Depending on the time of year, hiring processes may move rapidly with wait periods as little as a day. Other times, recruiters may contact candidates much later and take as long as two or three weeks. Hiring managers contact aspirants through phone calls to schedule in-person interviews often scheduled within a day to a week later. Contenders should also consider arriving in-person to follow up on applications. Dressed appropriately, job hunters ask to speak with hiring leaders and hold resumes in hand for delivery.

Benefits of Working for California’s Great America

Characterized as exceptional for the amusement industry, comprehensive work benefits packages entice candidates to apply for hourly positions. Based on full-time or part-time status, staff members earn eligibility for multitudes of rewards.

  • Healthcare coverage, particularly medical insurance, vision, and dental, allows workers to optimize preventive care and seek treatment when necessary.
  • Future well-being remains solidified with 401(k) retirement plans and life insurance.
  • Additional rewards may include paid time off and employee assistance programs.
  • Regardless of hours worked, employees earn discounts, free park entry, and low food prices along with flexible scheduling options.

More Information about California’s Great America

Charitable and non-profit organizations receive donations and fundraising through the CGA Cares Program. Actively supporting communities with generous giving, California’s Great America primarily focuses on organizations specializing in compassion and education. Lifting the spirits of individuals facing medical challenges, living with disabilities, or overcoming adversity, the program provides memorable outings. Unfortunately, for-profit groups, religious organizations, and political parties typically do not receive eligibility. However, missions supporting children, youth, and families may apply each year for consideration. CGA Cares Program continues to operate as a success, with plans to extend operations into the foreseeable future.

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