California’s Great America Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at California's Great America

California’s Great America oversees extensive interviewing to find seasonal and full-time employees each year. The popular amusement park needs to fill about 2,500 jobs each summer and regularly holds hiring fairs around the San Francisco Bay Area to interview large groups of applicants quickly and efficiently.

Types of Job Interviews

While job seekers attend hiring fairs en masse, interviews onsite usually feature one-on-one or panel format amusement park officials. With so many candidates to screen, interviewers generally evaluate prospective employees in a straightforward manner using basic questions. Successful applicants often take part in two or three rounds of job interviews in one day.

How the Process Plays Out

Interviewees usually appear before hiring managers individually and engage in brief, question-and-answer sessions that sometimes conclude with an offer of employment. California's Great America interviewers typically ask about education, training, and any relevant certifications. Other common interview questions cover availability, career goals, personal strengths and weaknesses, and customer service skills. Additional inquiries, such as, "How would you go about promoting a game to amusement park guests?" deal with the ability to perform essential duties of desired jobs. The interview process often ends with a test based on specific job-related information provided at the opening interview session.

How to Dress and Additional Tips

Dress for interviews in casual but presentable office attire. Allow a little extra time to get to the interview site and plan to stay for an hour or longer, as the interview process frequently runs to completion in a single day. Articulate genuine reasons for wanting to work at California's Great America and put a cheerful, sociable attitude on display throughout the interview process. If the last interview in the hiring process concludes without a job offer, ask for the length of time hiring managers typically need to make a final decision and prepare to contact the amusement park in the meantime to express continued enthusiasm for the employment opportunity.

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