Candlewood Suites Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Candlewood Suites

The Candlewood Suites interview process helps the value-priced hotel chain decide which candidates to hire for various customer service, concierge service, maintenance, security, food preparation, and cleaning services positions. Interviews usually take the form of a 1:1, question-and-answer session with a hotel hiring manager. Interviewees often tackle situational questions about the appropriate method of handling certain customer service or workplace scenarios regularly occur in the hospitality industry. Applicants may also need to explain their motives for seeking employment with the chain over other hotels. Interviewers like to see previous hotel or customer service experience on candidate resumes and frequently ask to hear about goals achieved or problems resolved at prior jobs.

Preparation, Impressions, and Follow Ups

Working for hotel chains like Candlewood Suites puts employees in direct contact with the public on a constant basis, making outward appearances and comportment significant factors when interviewing for hotel jobs. To project the polished image necessary for employment at a hotel, candidates should attend the job interview professionally dressed and ready to impress hiring managers with enthusiastic, positive responses to questions. Carefully planning questions to ask at the end of the interview and following up a few days afterwards also indicates professionalism and motivation to work for the extended-stay hotel chain.

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