Capital Grille Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at The Capital Grille

Steakhouse chain The Capital Grille maintains an upscale and formal image through close to 50 restaurant locations. A combination of quality food, pleasant dining atmospheres, and courteous and attentive staff reinforces the high-class image of the restaurant chain. The workforce includes servers, hosts and hostesses, bussers, cooks, and managers. New jobs open routinely, and the company performs frequent job interviews to find dedicated workers. With some slight preparation, even the most inexperienced job seeker may have a chance at becoming a team member by performing well during the interview process.

What Questions Will I Respond to And What Types of Interview Do They Use?

The Capital Grille interview process usually encompasses several steps. Eligible applicants are typically invited to an initial interview with a restaurant manager. Interviewees who perform well may receive invitations to second sessions with a department manager. Most of these sessions include very basic, personal interview inquiries like: "Tell me about yourself," "What kind of restaurant experience do you have?", and "What is your schedule like?" Several interview questions may center on food and dining, as each new employee must learn and memorize menus upon hire.

Emphasis on Customer Service

Customer service questions take up another large part of The Capital Grille interviews. Often, interviewers place candidates in hypothetical scenarios usually involving angry customers or stressful situations. Applicants must then explain the steps necessary to handle the incidents. Interviewees holding previous restaurant jobs should pull from individual experience when answering the situational questions, while candidates with limited experience must use good judgment and common sense. Regardless of experience level, job hopefuls must demonstrate genuine desire and interest in the position during the interview process to receive offers of employment.


  • Ken says:

    As a company Darden offeres their employees one week of paid vacation a year, this vacation is called “anniversary pay”. Although you can schedule your vacation for this week it is not guaranteed.

    I wouldn’t recommend not working weekends as they are the biggest money nights and they probably would pass you up for someone with more flexibility. Just some food for thought.

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