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Popular seafood chain Captain D's specializes in fast food meals sold at competitive prices. The nationwide chain maintains more than 500 locations across 25 states. Primarily focused in the American South and Midwest, the restaurant hires on new and motivated help with regularity.

Facts About Working at Captain D's

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Captain D's?)

Available Positions: Cook Crew Member, Cashier Crew Member, Assistant/Hourly Manager, Restaurant Manager, General Manager, Multi-Unit Manager/Area Brand Operator

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Captain D’s Job Opportunities

Available positions include both part-time and full-time opportunities in entry-level crew member jobs and professional careers in management. Applicants interested in fast food jobs should fill out an online application or visit a local restaurant to begin the hiring process.

Unlike other major fast food establishments, Captain D’s promotes relaxed dining environments and offers substantial seating sufficient for families and individual guests at each location. Employees work to create friendly, accommodating atmospheres and prepare menu items to customer specifications in fast and efficient manners. Associates must also adhere to health and safety guidelines for handling and cooking foods. Most jobs available with the seafood fast food chain feature regular contact with customers and/or coworkers. Although the prominent chain works to create relaxed atmospheres, employees must perform responsibilities quickly to ensure quality of service.

Many of the menu items available at Captain D’s restaurants require basic knowledge of kitchen equipment when cooking. Crew member positions routinely involve the use of fryers and ovens to prepare food. Applicants with previous culinary experience may receive additional attention during the hiring process; however, crew member jobs and cashier positions primarily remain entry-level employment opportunities with little-to-no hiring requirements.

Captain D’s Positions and Salary Information

Workers must stand at least 16 years old in order to assume available positions with the seafood restaurant. Managerial opportunities generally require applicants to fall above the age of 18. Individuals working for the nationwide restaurant chain enjoy paid training, ongoing career development, and opportunities for bonuses. The fast food chain needs to hire for the following jobs:

Guest Specialist

  • Job duties of guest specialists range from operating cash registers and serving food to preparing menu items and maintaining clean kitchen and dining room areas.
  • New-hires must adapt to fast-paced work environments.
  • The position typically involves standing in place or moving around on foot for entire durations of shifts.
  • Applicants who pay special attention to detail and demonstrate excellent customer service usually gain hire.
  • Starting pay generally hovers around minimum wage, with more experienced employees receiving $9.00 to $10.00 an hour, at most.


  • Captain D’s offers several career opportunities in management, including team leader and general manager jobs.
  • Employment hunters with previous experience as a leader or experience in the fast food industry may work as part-time or full-time managers.
  • Key responsibilities include maintaining inventories, placing supply and food orders, interacting with customers to ensure satisfaction, and supervising entry-level employees.
  • Managers process, hire, and train new employees as well as maintain lines of communication with the company corporate offices.
  • Effective delegation and strong communication abilities go hand-in-hand with available managerial roles.
  • Team leaders earn hourly pay around $8.00 or $9.00.
  • Pay scales rise to $30,000 starting annual salary for general managers and as much as $45,000 a year over time.

Tips For Applying

Captain D’s screens for both entry-level and career-level fast food jobs. Candidates applying for available roles should remain open to varying shifts, fast-paced work environments, and wearing uniforms. Other considerations applicants should take include daily interaction with fellow coworkers and customers and job duties centering on the proper handling of food. Use the application to highlight any relevant or related skills and abilities. Job hopefuls without employment histories may use career aspirations, volunteer programs, or involvement in extracurricular activities to supplement lack of experience.

Application Status

Entry-level candidates often spend very little time going through the Captain D’s hiring process. In some cases, team members receive callbacks to interview within a day or two. At most, candidates wait two to three weeks. Shift supervisors and other managerial job titles often encounter longer wait times of at least two weeks. Checking back with the fast food chain by calling or emailing hiring managers to inquire about application status may expedite the process. Candidates may also visit locations and meet with recruitment personnel directly.

Benefits of Working at Captain D’s

Basic work benefits provided to employees upon hire include paid training programs, complimentary uniforms, flexible work schedules, and competitive pay scales. Each associate also enjoys discounted or free meals, depending on location. Applicants who qualify for extended job benefits packages take advantage of available healthcare options, 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, and special tax credits.

More Information on Captain D’s

Captain D’s centers operations on serving food fresh. The nationwide fast food establishment sources menu items directly from areas rich in catch. Foods also goes through extensive, third-party inspections carried out by organizations certified in food auditing. Employees must also carry out internal audits to ensure continued freshness of food from time of catch to each customer’s plate.

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