Caribbean Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Caribbean Airlines

How to Get a Job at Caribbean Airlines

Participating in Caribbean Airlines interviews serves as the formal process job seekers must complete in order to work in airline customer service, security, cargo handling, maintenance, and flight attendant positions. Complete and submit all of the necessary hiring materials to receive hiring consideration.

How Long Will I Wait to Hear Back from Caribbean Airlines?

Due to the massive amount of applicants, eligible workers should expect to wait at least two weeks before receiving contact for a Caribbean Airlines job interview. Some prospective associate may wait longer, depending on position desired. More technical positions like pilot careers often involve more stringent and demanding qualifications. Entry-level job seekers vying for jobs may encounter phone interviews, group interviews, and one-on-one interviews. The same interview formats often prove necessary for full-time or technical aviation or airline positions, as well.

Background Checks and Common Interview Questions

Caribbean Airlines uses a stringent interview process to find the most qualified associates. Hiring personnel conduct background screenings and employment history checks on most, if not all, applicants. Some of the more common interview questions posed to potential candidates include: “Do you enjoy flying?”, “How do you handle stress on the job?”, “Do you enjoy serving people?”, and “How long are you willing to work with Caribbean Airlines?” Specific interview questions vary by position and generally reflect the nature of the job.

Factors for Employment

Based on answers given during the varying interview formats and both personal and professional past experiences, Caribbean Airlines hiring managers make determinations on applicants and extend formal job offers. An applicant may wait as long as a month to hear back from Caribbean Airlines. To expedite the process, follow up by phone call or email to further demonstrate interest in the job.

7 user comments:

  1. Samantha Tyson

    Good day I would like to find out about
    * What to expect at the interview
    * What questions do they ask?
    * What kind of clothes should someone wear or how should they dress
    * What education level (high school or college) is required?
    * Do you get free food (sandwich, burger, drinks, etc) or lunch if you work there?
    * What is the starting pay, or entry level pay rate?
    Are there specific jobs that evening uwi students can apply for ?

  2. maksingh

    I am a pilot for the Canadian military and I am in the process of obtaining my civilian qualifications. I hold both Trinidadian and Canadian citizenship and was wondering what would be required to become a Caribbean Airlines first officer. I have flown fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and presently have 450 flight hours of which approximately 250 is turbine time. In addition, I have both a Bachelor’s in Aviation Management and a MBA.
    Best regards!

  3. shinnel charles

    could u advise me how long after an interview with caribbean airlines does the hiring process take?

  4. Patrina

    Can a 32 year old apply for the position of a flight attendant?

  5. dominique

    im 14 now but i plan on working for caribbean airlines when im older i live in new York but i plan on living in Trinidad when im older i was wondering can i live in Trinidad an be a pilot for this company an can i work for this company with a american pilots license or do i need a Trinidad pilot license

  6. Jay

    I have over fifteen years experience in customer service and would like to be a part of your Company. I am presently living in New York and working with an Airline in a Customer Service position.. How easy is it to get a job with Caribbean Airlines?

  7. Amrita Rampersad

    hi, i would just like to find out what are the educational requires to become a flight attendant? I am really interested in working for your company in the next couple of months since presently i’m pursuing my certificate in flight attendant…………..looking forward in hearing from you……:)


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