Caribou Coffee Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Caribou Coffee

Workers may use online resources or visit Caribou Coffee locations to bid for available employment opportunities. A phone call to schedule an initial interview generally begins the process. Caribou Coffee selects eligible candidates from the applicant pool to participate in one-on-one interviews with hiring personnel, although most successful applicants only sit through a single job interview before receiving a formal job offer.

How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

The average amount of time spent interviewing for jobs is one week.Team member positions generally require the least amount of screening. Management and corporate positions require applicants to go through multiple rounds of job interviews.

Face-to-Face Interviews

The face-to-face interview sessions include one or two hiring managers. Caribou hiring personnel primarily ask basic interview questions, such as: "Why do you want to work for Caribou Coffee?" and "Have you ever worked in a restaurant or cafe setting?" Positions in management may involve more complex interview questions regarding sales analysis, managing entry-level employees, maintaining inventories, and implementing marketing strategies.

For Managers

Managerial candidates interviewing with Caribou Coffee often have to answer the following questions: "How do you make [X] menu item?", "How important do you feel customer service is to the coffee shop industry?", and "Have you ever taken a risk as a supervisor or manager, and how did it work out?"

When You'll Get a Job Offer

As an internationally successful chain of cafes, Caribou Coffee looks for workers to broaden the brand image and promote the company values of expedient service, quality foods, and friendly associates. To make the right impression, applicants should strive for business-casual or professional dress for Caribou Coffee interviews. Cheerful dispositions and passion for serving customers and the coffee shop industry in general also make lasting impacts on hiring representatives, historically. The coffeehouse chain extends employment offers to most job hopefuls during the final interview session.


  • Bradley says:

    I would make really good eye contact. I have coffee at Caribou all the time and I’ve noticed that the baristas always make eye contact.

  • Zebenay M Tekele says:

    I born and raised in a country where a coffee is served a lot, and where originally found, so I will be the bust coffee server if I am given the employment opportunity in Caribou Coffee.

  • John says:

    Eye contact is important for any interview, I just had an interview at caribou last friday and they ask some interesting questions like why kind of animal are you and why, which are designed to make you think on your feet and out of the box, also I always find it good to ask questions to the person who is interviewing you about themselves, how and why they got started with the company, etc, since all the questions are directed at you, it gives them a chance to talk about themselves, and everyone loves talking about themselves, overall it was fairly casual, definitely not a pressed shirt and tie type of interview, the hiring manager said something to me about being recommded for a second interview, but I got a call today saying they were going to skip the second interview and just go ahead and hire me, so if your interview is great, you may not have to worrh about a 2nd

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